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Flaming June

Lately.. well.. longer than that...
For a long time now, I've wanted to make a few compilation disks. I haven't been drawing a whole lot lately..and I'm in the middle of a model kit.. but..
I've just felt like I need to do somthing creative. I need to make a few compilation disks. Not for anyoen in particular.. but it's somthing I feel I need to do for myself.
I need to make the perfect set of mood disks. I want to have a pop-type disk.. filled with the stuff you can't get out of your head... But I only have a few tracks so far:
(In no particular order)
~Cascade: SexySexy
~B'z: Ultra Soul
~A few different Hysteric Blue songs
~Ah-ha: Take on me
And some other stuff.. but everytime I Think about it.. I can never remember what I want... the same for my special disk. I want to make a special disk of mood music.. kind of etherial, ephemeral stuff.. maybe some techno, or stuff that classifies as both.. I know I want a lot of Buck-Tick on there along with some other stuff.. but for the life of me, the track titles for this, most special of disks, always eludes me.
One that I know will be on there is Flaming June by Buck-Tick&Paul van Dyke. Very nice. Hmm.. Also.. Alien Girl.. it's a track off an Utena OST.. there are a few (VERY FEW) others on the Utena disk that would be appropriate.. as well as Buck-Tick's Gessekai. I want it to be mostly instrumental, but Gessekai has to go on there, too. Probably some Susumu Hirasawa, too... The "Forces" track from Berserk.. and maybe a remix of it, too. I don't know.. I keep forgetting.. I need to capture all the music with similar moods to what I feel when I listen to stuff like Flaming June.. I don't even know why. Once I make that CD.. once I've hand-picked the perfect tracks, and put them in perfect order...then what? I submerge myself in a CD of songs that can& will be repeated over and over again.. but what will happen then? I don't know what I hope to acheive, but it's become rather maddening lately. I think NIN/ Trent Reznor's A Warm Place will have to be on there.. without a doubt. I just need to dig out the CD so I can rip it off of there...Hmm. what do we have so far? (In no particular order)
~B-T/PvD: Flaming June
~Scott Peeple's remix "Another Inspiration" From Radical Dreamers
~Susumu Hirasawa: Forces
~B-T: Gessekai
~NIN: A Warm Place
~UtenaOST:Alien Girl (+ one or two more)
~Sting: Desert Rose?
~B-T: Cosmos
~Does Eyes of Venus really fit here?

Bah... I'm tired....


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