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Sakamoto Maaya.. she's not just a dead Eva character anymore..

Nope! Back from the dead, and a seiyuu to boot!
Anyway.. I suppose that this new DVD is cause for rant... back to the cheery, ne?

Nightwalker- Yes.. finally got around to seeing it.
~The first DVD has 6 episodes on it. Plus!
~The story seems like a cross between Dick Tracy and Interview with the Vampire. Minus
~The opening song is Buck-Tick! Big Plus!
~The script seems to be lacking... Minus
~The Ender is done by La'Cryma Christi (Jess will have to correct my spelling on this one) Another Big Plus!
~I'd like to shoot the Director. Minus
~It has more of a plot than Blood: The Last Vampire Plus!
~It doesn't realize it's potential, gets really weird, and tries to use a chibi green devil-girl and a bishonen to make what could otherwise be a VERY good, serious, wonderful show to make it appeal to shoujo fans Big Minus!

Allright... I admit.. I think I'm hooked. I'll have to pick the rest of it up... but... the animation style bugs me. For some reason, the animators feel that a sea urchin should live at the top of everyone's head. I mean.. even when they have hair... Hair pulled back into a pony-tail, I tell you... they feel compelled to draw these tiny spikes reaching to the sky.. It bugs me..
They have a bad habit of making ski-ramps out of noses, too.. but it's not as bad as say.. Escaflowne.. lol

You wanna hear somthing funny? Bear with me...
If you pretend the main character... Shido.. is named Louis.. and that his blonde-haired "father" is named Lestat.. you can plot out the rest of the series according to "Interview w/t Vampire" I'm dead serious. It's kinda uncanny.. and it leaves a really funny taste in your mouth.. but if you giggle a lot at anime, like I do, you'll enjoy it. I'm kind of sad, though. It had the potential to be a REALLY good serious show, like Darkside Blues (ok.. movie.. but still..) Petshop of Horrors, or Vampire Princess Miyu.... or even Berserk... But they tried to lighten it up with comedy. The thing that just cracks me up is this: Shido starts out every episode with making a horridly lecharous comment. I mean.. HENTAI! It's damn funny.. but doesn't really fit the character the rest of the time. It's like they had half a concept for a show, and kept forgetting how the characters were supposed to act. Except for the sexpot.. but then again.. she's practically Sakura from Hyper Police in a normal setting.(sans megalomania):sigh: It bugs me.. I've been seeing so much potential in things lately.. and I've seen that potential be wasted by weird-ass stuff. I'm enjoying watching the opening sequence over and over again. It's serious and really doesn't match half the show at all.. but the Buck-Tick song.. WAI!


I want to go to a halloween party this weekend. I even went to the mall and bought a really slutt top... perfect!
One problem: No ride. Damon was really rude and told me to get a car. Foo. I'll show him.. if I find another decent Shido cel on ebay, I'm keeping it for myself. Fruitcake! :P
I still really want to go. Any of you all that feel like going to a Halloween party with me are more than welcome. I'd love the company. You just have to drive :/
I hate doing this.. I really do. My other option is taking a bus.. but...
Remember where depending on uncertain rides and places to stay got me at Animefest, kiddies? Somthing tells me I really shouldn't be taking the bus up there. I don't want another animefest repeat.
It's kind of sad, though... I've never been to a Halloween party before, and I rarely get to see these people in Dallas. Makes me depressed


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