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I decided not to go to Houston this weekend. This resulted in my weekend being extremely boring. I knew that would happen,though. Life's all about choices. I could leave with Mako-chan to Houston Thrus... surprise Minako-chan and feel bad about imposing.. but also have a lot of fun at ChibiCon and see everyone from the A-kon BBS.... or.. I could spend 4 days out of 7 with my Koibito. Also nice.. given the fact that these 7 days are his 7 days off. So... I would have missed 4 days out of 7 of his week off... and spend a good portion of the remainder in class. Not sure if it was worth it or not.. but I do enjoy doing nothing.
On a more sober note, I found out that a Livejournal member recently passed away due to cancer. I read through about a week's worth of her posts prior to her death, and somthing really touched me. She had been contacted by the Make-a-Wish foundation... And she was going to have one of her wishes granted. I used to think that the Make-a-Wish foundation did things mostly for really young children.. not older teens.. and perhaps it was her wish that touched me the most, or perhaps it was the fact that somthing so good was going to happen to this very ill person...I don't know... but she really wanted to see a certain band/musician preform in a private concert with some close freinds. One of her alternate wishes was to learn more about her father. And these simple wishes.. things that would not normally happen to a regular person...there was a chance that this might happen to her...make her feel better for a while and forget her illness... I guess foundations like that are things healthier people may not think about that much.. but it's all I've been thinking about since early yesterday. I wish I was a millionaire. If I was, I'd donate everything I owned to help more children& teens realize somthing spectacular... especially if they might not otherwise get a chance. I suppose the older you get, the more you realize that there are opportunities out there... and many of them will never be available to you. I'll probably never get to go to Japan and see a show or go to a big concert. It's somthing simple, ne? But the thought of a child being cut off from ever having a chance to realize somthing that little (which may seem so big to those that want it...) I feel that this foundation is really wonderful. For those of you heartless bastards out there who think I'm being wishy-washy...
Just go out there and read her journal, and tell me you don't feel somthing.


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