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Fufufu.. Toto was eaten by a pack of rabid squirrels

Stuff! Stuff Stuff Stuff Stuff Stuff Stuff Stuff Stuff Stuff Stuff

And now.. for the REAL content:

Fri- Got to hang out with Goat-Boy... Got to think about how the guest bathroom is the only room in the house without windows..
Yes... Texas was viciously attacked by a tornado, certainly sent by terrorists. It probably had Anthrax in it, too. Evil, Evil Tornadoes..
How is everyone? I mean, really? I've seen your surveys...I won't read them..but I have pages of them for proof that they're there :P

I've taken up Arcanum again. That game is slightly irking me.. there were some mistakes made in programming.. it's making some of the minor tasks in the game impossible to complete, unfortunately. It's also taking me too long to play.. I'll be in the 21st century before I finish everything, and everyone will still be using stream-machines and dressing like Ichabod Crane. Ah well.. Stupid lagging steam-punk game. ^..^ For as frustrating as it is.. it's still a lot of fun.

I got a package! Wai!
I traded some CDs with a freind for some J-rock tapes. Now I have 3 tapes of GuniwTools stuff.. 2 tapes of Buck-Tick.. and some Raphael. I think there might even be some plastic tree on there. I dont' remember what I asked for.. But in any case.. it was really cool of Guy to trade the J-rock with me. I have a lot of material to watch now.... Oh yeah! He also sent me the first 2 episodes of Read or Die! It's an odd anime. I was told it was hilarious, and I was expecting it to surpass Excel Saga, from the sounds of things. Nope.. IT's neat.. but not that neat. It's actually really cool, but not nearly as humorous as I was told. Still, though.. episode II leaves off an a cliffhanger. I think there are only 3 episodes, but I'm not entirely sure. I reallyreallyreally want to see the 3rd one at least.... Bwaa!


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