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Still hacking up some interesting junk, but my voice is back (somewhat) and I feel much better. I guess you could say I'm over it. Wanna stop coughing& hacking stuff up... but at least I'm getting rid of the ick, ne?
We're doing a cosplay group for Ushicon. It's going to be me, Mako-chan, and Mako's RA. I'll keep the group secret for now, unless she wants to spill the beans ^..^ My koibito's mom is helping me. I feel bad, b/c I'm always asking for her help.. but I don't have a sewing machine, and I don't know how to sew.. (Unlike the talented Miki-chan! :D ) So.. I'm bumming labor off my koibito's Mommy. She's the one that sewed my Sarasa costume for A-kon last year, and I think it came out wonderfully. I helped pick out the material for my costume this time around, too, and I think it'll come out really well. She's awesome, and because Mako& Lauren are awesome, too.. she won't have to do too much work on the pattern at all.
Well.. I want to talk more about the outfit, but I'm going to go see that Zoolander movie right now.. so I'll post later about that, too ^..^


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