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Still dying.....

Ugh.. things are still bad. I no longer have a fever hot enough to cook eggs, but things are getting worse in other ways. I threw up yesterday. Twice. I haven't thrown up since I was a little kid! The worst part is... I haven't really been eating anything. I try to.. and then I start feeling nauseous,and have to hold it down..
So what I did was take somthing for anti-nausea and fell asleep. When I woke up, I took some tylenol for my fever& pain, and somthing else for my cough. I asked my koibito to bring a trashcan by the bed so if I feel ick in the middle of the night, and can't make it to the toilet, at least I woulnd't mess up the carpet. So.. he leaves to bring a trashcan in from the bathroom, and by the time he gets back, I'm already in the bathroom, heaving up the 3 sips of water& the pills I'd JUST taken. My throat hurts so much -..- I'd take stuff for it if I wasn't so afraid of throwing it back up again. I managed to keep some OJ down this morning, and a little bit of water. We'll see what happens. I knwo you're not supposed to have dairy when you're sick, but I may try to have some cereal this morning. Hell.. I need SOMTHING, and I'm too damn sick to cook for myself. Ironically, though, after all the non-diet stuff I had yesterday, I'm still on my diet. It's weird. At least I know what I can get away with now.. about 65 grams of carbs before I exit the diet. Which, BTW, compared to the 20 I was down to at the beginning, is a hell of a lot. I can almost eat normally!
Ah well.. to eat normally, I first have to eat.. and be able to keep it down.
I won't be going to school today either. I hate missing class for illness. I'd much rather be skipping to have fun. This is no good.


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