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I think I am going to die much sooner than expected. Like maybe tomorrow. I'm feeling so sickly.. it's not much fun. Lots of chest congestion. I didn't think pneumonia was contageous.. but you know, when you're sick.. you think all sorts of weird things.
You think things when you're alone and paranoid, too. We have some large windows in this house. They're all double-paned, and everything on the back side of the house is secluded, so it's relatively safe.. but every time I walk past those windows in the dark.. Mostly when I'm alone, I always get a chill. It's one of those full-body shivers that creeps you out. Ever since I was young, it was always like that. After all these years, I still have a lot of self-control problems.. not the bladder kind, mind you.. But I can rarely keep myself from immediately running into the hallway when I get that feeling. It's odd, because I consider myself slightly claustrophobic. Let's just say that I couldn't deal with crawling in small areas very well... (Or dealing with large crowds) But.. get me in front of a glass window at night, and I'm doing everything I can to keep myself from crawling into the deepest, darkest hole I can find. It reminds me of a far-side cartoon, and the ancient rule of flesh. Confused? When children are young, and fear monsters, they know they are safe in bed. They know they are safe under the blankets.. but you cannot leave any flesh above the sheets. Nothing exposed to the air, because THEY can get you. So.. Gary Larson drew a panel about a kid who had a snorkle. After all, after a few seconds, it gets fairly stuffy without fresh air.
Forgive my ramblings, for I am feverish, or somthing...


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