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Zettai.. Unmei... mokushioku

I'm trying to beat myself into some normal posting schedule. That... and catch up on your journals. I've read backwards a bit, but I don't think I can catch up. You guys sure like to do a lot of surveys -..-* I don't usually read them all anyways XD
I studied for an exam the other day.. I think I did well on it.
As for other stuff..
I've been feeling really good lately. I think part of it is due to the diet. I haven't really noticed a whole lot of weight loss this past week, but I've had a lot more stamina, and I've been feeling a lot better.
I think part of it is also the weather. When it's cool& windy like this, I feel so alive. I feel like I was meant for this weather, and that I could do just about anything. When it's hot and sticky, or too cold, it's not the same. Perfect temperature is sunny and 59-65 with a light breeze. That's what I've decided.

Oh.. and my bowling scores still stink ^..^Oh yeah.. somthing else. Wanna hear somthing weird? A freind of mine has pneumonia. Has/had/is getting over Pneumonia. WEIRD! I don't know why it strikes me as strange.. it's like an imaginary sickness your mother makes up to make you wear socks... heh


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