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Because of my diet, I've had to cook a lot lately. Cooking alot= good foon.. but Cooking alot ALSO- lots of dirty dishes. The dishwasher's been getting a work-out lately. But, I've made lots of yummy food, so I guess it balances out. I hit ketosis a few days ago, and everything's going well. The weight started coming off kind of slowly, so I'm altering my food-intake so I know I'm not getting too many carbs for these first two weeks. I don't own a scale, so I really can't tell how much I've lost so far, but my pants don't fit quite so snugly anymore.. so I suppose that's a good thing. Then again.. you're really not too sure if it's you losing weight or the pants stretching out XD It'll take more time. Until then, lots of meat, eggs, cheese, etc.. and...
Lots of DDR!
It's hard watching commercials for breadsticks and ice cream, etc.. because it's been really hard giving up all the fun food... but after I get down to where I want, I can have a little now and then ^..^ The past few days, though, I've been getting pretty lazy about cooking. It's bad, because if I don't cook somthing, I'll just be eating bratwurst and hot dogs...
I made deviled eggs today. I had to use regular Mayo instead of Miracle Whip... so they taste different. They're not bad... but I liked them better before. I bought some artificial sweetener, so maybe I'll add a tiny bit to the yolk-mayo mix so they'll taste a little bit sweeter and not so.. hmm tangy? Not sure how they taste now. Not bad.. but I do miss the little bit of sugar that's in Miracle Whip. I miss sugar everywhere T..T I can't have the hexitols, either.. so I can't have breath mints, etc b/c a lot of them have sorbitol, or other hexitols in them. I'm pretty much stuck w/Aspartame... and everyone knows that people arnt' sure whether or not it causes cancer. I'm not too worried, though, because you have to have massive ammounts of the stuff for it to get that harmful, and I only get some in the diet sodas I have. I also miss real soda T..T I'm drinking diet orange slice now.. I know I hate diet colas and diet dr. pepper. Dont' know if diet mt dew is any good, though....BLAH! It's also no fun b/c there's no caffeine here.. but I'm not supposed to have too much caffeine anyway. So.. I miss out on getting moccachinos @ the coffe shop... ::Sniffle:: Maybe I'll go to Red Lobster with Matt this next week and actually be able to eat a full restaurant meal. It's not that hard picking things from the menus@ restaurants.. but I can't really go eat Mexican or Italian. Most other places are fine. I already know that I can have a lot of the stuff from Cathay House (Best Chinese in the universe... well.. outside china at least) and a lot of the stuff from places like red lobster.. as long as it's not breaded.
Foo. I suppose this is the last thing you guys want to read about.. but I don't exactly have a huge support group, or anyone that really gives a flip, so I figured I'd rant here for a while


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