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I'm afraid I've been neglecting LJ lately. Not only has the whole Animefest experience thoroughly pissed me off, but I've had school work, home work, essays, projects, assignments, and tests. Not a whole lot of time to spend on the net. Worse yet.. when I do get a chance to play around, this Moronic GACKT mailing list that I joined has about 50-75 posts a day. I think I'm going to leave, b/c I usually end up deleting them when I get ticked off, anyway.
Personal news: I've been on the Atkins no-carb, no-sugar diet for about 4 days now. The first two days were spent burning off stored carbs. I should start seeing weight-loss very soon now, if I'm doing everything correctly. I think I am. I'm taking a multivitamin, and eating what I'm supposed to. My carb consumption SHOULD be below the 20g limit, and I'm not taking in any real sugar, or any hexitols (sorbitol, etc) This next weekend when Akuma is off work.. that's when I can bump up my carb consumption a little bit. It'll be nice to be back at 130 lbs. Who knows.. with this diet, I may even get down to 120 or 125. That would make me very happy... I'd be able to wear all my old clothes again, and better yet... I'd have a better self-image, and better self esteem. I suppose people like Kiji-kun will have to start hating me, then, b/c I won't be a fat cow anymore. At least, this is what society tells me I am. Had I been this weight a few millenia ago, I would have been hailed as a fertile goddess. Ah well. So it goes. I'd really like to get back down to what I looked like before college, though.
Don't know how often I'll be posting.. and regrettably, I haven't been able to read your posts either, guys. Hope to catch up soon.. we'll see what homework allows.


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