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Livejournal has become nearly inacsessible to me of late. I have given up on reading what any of you have to say, becasue nothing has been working for me lately. I realize that if I cough up the $$ to get a paid account, it wouldn't be a problem, but I've had a lot on my mind lately. That's one thing I don't have time for right now, really. I kind of wish I knew what was going on with you all, though. I know I posted some tetsu pics for Tokio-chan on my homestead site... but since I can't read her journal, I have absolutely no clue if she got them or not. My email box has been flooded with pointless messages from people on my various MLs... most of them from singapore, talking with each other. It's annoying. No email for me. That irks me. No personal email for me. BLAH!
In other news.. class has started and a lot of random stuff has been happening to keep me from messing around on the computer. As I get closer and closer to animefest, things have become more hectic. Jess, did you get my message about what things are looking like right now??
I wish I knew if anyone was getting my posts.. it's frustrating as hell. It's like walking around a room blind-folded.

I really do feel accomplished. I need someone to share this with, and I hope at least one or two of you read this...
Ever since I was a little kid, I've always kept a box. It's a big box now, and has all sorts of notes, letters, medals, and other weird sentimental stuff in there. Inevitably, all things about ex-boyfreinds get thrown in there, too... because at the time I put all the crap in the box, I'm usually ending a relationship, and wanting to keep that stuff forever. Throughout the years, I've kept adding stuff to the box. Ocassionally, I've looked through there, but never thrown anything away. One of the most prized items was a T-shirt that still, even to today, pretty much smells like a certain person. Even though I'm VERY happy with my koibito, I guess when you're dumped by someone else, you never really loose how you feel about the exes... and given the chance, I probably wouln't have done anything different in regards to them... but I'm much happier now.
In any case... I was looking for an eye-ball ring for my Kyo cosplay. I used to own a lot of these, but most of them broke in highschool.. and damn it if I can't find a single one in a mall today... So.. I went thru the box of stuff to find a broken one and glue it to my glove. I found one, and decided to rummage around in the box. While I did not throw away every bit of every ex,( I wanted to keep some of Brent's stuff to show you guys later. He was a true psychopath.. seriously thought himself to be immortal like the Highlander) I threw away other things. I emptied out about half the box.
Max, there's a letter from you in there, but I kept it ;}
There are also letters from past freinds, invitations to pool parties long past, and other random things. I threw away most things from older freinds, and from exes. I kept things from Max, Damienne (Who was on the CoK ML, but I honestly haven't heard from her in about 3 years)
and some things from a best freind in Highschool.
I also threw away *his* shirt. Even though I don't think I'd ever date him again... it seemed like a major milestone to me.. To throw away so many things that I had valued so much so long ago. well, not all of it was THAT long ago.. but I've always been a packrat by nature, and a bit too much of a romantic. I used to save movie ticket stubbs when I was younger, becasue the family went to see a new movie once every other year.... But..I suppose it wasn't until I threw some of that stuff away... was that really the end for those chapters in my life. I threw away many things from when I used to hang out in RPC. It was so long ago that only one of you... Masako.. would have the faintest idea of what I was talking about.. and even then, it was so long ago, that it would be blurry at best. There may be one or two more lurkers from RPC showing up here occassionally.. but damn.. It's hard to believe that it was over 5 years ago, already.
I've changed so much... I don't know if I'd hardly get along with any of the old people any more. Fletcher is a testament to that fact. (why did I want to spell it fackt? It's all gackt's fault!)
In any case.. I have a convention coming up. Being a convention slut is a part of the new me now. I think I'll also go watch some TV w.my koibito and get ready for some school tomorrow.
Sweet dreams, all that may read this.

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