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This is not my idea of a good time this is not my idea of a good time

First day of school! HA! ^..^ Ok, so it was fun...I had three classes today: Classical Mythology, Social Statistics, and bowling.

Kenji- I found out a little bit of trivia for you today. Ohio State has about 55,000 students.

Classical Mythology looks like it's goign to be a dissappointment... Social statistics is going to be dull because it's a requirement.. but Bowling is going to be really nifty! I found out that we're breaking into two groups... and bowling two days a week. Normally we'd meed M/W/F... but there won't be enough time for everyone to bowl. Instead, for the first have of the semester, I'll bowl Wed/Fri, and then Mon/Fri for the second half. This kicks ass! For the first half of the semester, I'll be out of class mon. at noon ^..^ 2 classes Mon, 2 Tues, 4 Wed, 2 thurs, 3 fri. Sounds nice. ^..^ This way.. if I miss class on the mon of Animefest, I'll only get 2 absences instead of 3 ^..^ Happy!
I'm becoming such the convention slut!
So I 've gone to A-kon a few times...
But now I want to go to Animefest!
Then.. if possible, Ushicon.. but before Ushicon..
Why not Nan-desu-con?? It's on Colorado.. long-ass car trip away (says Mako-chan) But... CONVENTION! COSPLAY! MWAHAHAHAHA
It's all so tempting.. and conventions are fun! I know I should probably just be happy with what I'm getting now.. but... datte...datte...datte...datte
XD Tennimon opening! BWa!
Feeling random tonight. I think it's due to the dose of human interaction I got.

I really shouldn't be feeling so good, though. I'm guilty of somthing horrible. I was cooking dinner for my Akuma, and needed to pour some boiling water down the sink. I realized about a second too late that there was a little gecko lizard in the sink, and I accidentally boiled him alive. I watched his death throes...I watched him twitch a last time and stop moving... I honestly think that if people hadn't come over tonight, I would have dwelt on it all evening. I've never killed anything that large before that wasn't an insect.. and I can't feel remorseful or guilty about killing roaches. But.. this was a cute little gecko lizard! I don't know which was worse... realizing too late that I had killed it, or the other things that were going through my mind....
::sigh:: Poor thing.. I feel really bad. I don't have the heart to throw it away. I guess I'll ask my Akuma to do it tomorrow morning when he gets home from work :/


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