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Why am I even gettting excited now???

I already posted a little about this in Tokio-san's journal, but I'm really excited about A-kon this year. For those of you that don't know what A-kon is... It's one of the oldest and largest Anime conventions in the South. It's held in Dallas, Tx (Only about an hour and a half from Waco, yay!- I can ride there in costume ^..^) They've just recently gained support from a local Anime club to sponsor a j-rock dance (cosplay) and J-pop kareoke. There aren't a whole lot of individuals that know about J-Rock, though.. and they only know the bands that do the theme songs of thier fav. anime (L'arc, Siam Shade, etc) So.... Only 3 pics of me were taken of my Kyo outfit last year at A-kon.. 1 was from a cult member (Yay!) 1 was taken by a freind (I told him I'd cry if he didn't..) and the other, I took myself. Blah.
In short.. I don't know what to do this time around. I think I'm actually going to be there all three days this year. If I can get more than 1 costume together, I'll end up changing. If not, I'll keep the one costume the whole time. But here's the dilemma:
1) Go as Kyo. I have a good Jacket this time, and all I need are soem leather pants... easy enough
2) Kotori from X- A cute dress, maybe a pair of tiny angel wings...crimp my hair, and there we go (No decapitations! lol)
3)Kaoru from Kenshin- I have a shinnai bamboo sword- Put my hair in a high ponytail (maybe find some temp black dye..) and make the outfit.. shouldn't be too bad...
4) Alexciel from Angel sanctuary- Lots of costume work!! Very doubtful
5)Get this-- Meiko from Marmalade boy. Ok-- considering the other costumes, this is kind of funny... but my boyfreind Matt looks a LOT like Na-chan, and if I get the costume, we'd be cute together, I think.

Well.. that's about all I have so far... The only costume I currently have that's almost complete is the Kyo cosplay. Any other suggestions for a Medium-build 5ft 4 girl w/brown hair?


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