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Where is sweet Masako when you need him?

Did I tell you? I saw lots of movies a while ago..
I saw Planet of the Apes on opening day. It was too predictable.. and I've never seen the original. Makes me sad...

I saw Rush Hour Two the week after it opened.. Nifty movie.. funny, funny...

I FINALLY got to see MonkeyBone! It left the theatres almost right away. Akuma KNEW I wanted to see it really badly, but somehow kept forgetting... :/ So..I was really sad and depressed when it left the theatres, but not it's on video, so I got to see it! I swear I spent somthing like 2+ hours looking at all the extra features. It was a weird little movie. I liked it a lot. It's one of the few movies where I sit and watch and think.. "Hey.. I can do more with that. I could make this a better movie"
Ah well.. I guess that's why everyone hated it. I like weird little movies, though.. I wish they'd make more. It just seemed like a weird little Tim Burton-wannabe that read too much Neil Gaiman. Not that it's a bad thing.. but it's not the real thing.. you know?

In any case.. I want to see the new Jay& Silent Bob movie. This one seems different than the others.. more.. commercial, I suppose...? In any case.. it should be funny.. I has both Carrie Fisher& Mark Hamill in there, along with a "laser-sword battle" (because they don't want to get sued). Mark Hammil's character is named "Cock-Knocker" and he's apparently a supervillain. Should be funny.

Oh.. and I'm sort of drawing again. I have a new picture I'm working on... I hope people like this one...

Somthing funny happened earlier today. A guy from Cascade's official BBS posted on the Cult of Kyo that he knows for a fact that Tama isn't Kyo's brother. That clears that up at least.
I do hope at least one of you finds something interesting to reply to in here. Kiji- Why post more if no one has anything to say? That's my answer. I'm sticking to it.

I wish I knew if I could make it to Animefest. I found out that it starts Fri. I MIGHT have financial settlement done before then.. but I still don't know if I'll be able to handle missing school if I need to leave Wed. Argh.. so frustrating. I could just die. Kill me now.. someone.. anyone? Well... not anyone...anyways....
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