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Interesting trivia... and stuff

Ok.. everyone knows that Kyo has a sister. She doesn't want to admit it, though, because she's a kinki kids fan (hah! ^..^)
But.. I found out today that Kyo has a brother.. and possibly 2. And guess what, kids...
Kyo's brother is the lead vocalist for a band called...

CASCADE!!!! rofl..

I'm loving this... it's too ironic...
Mako-chan... admit that you love a song sung by a relative of KYO! MWAHAHAHAH

In other news..
I didn't win the Amano's world art contest. I received 17 votes. The picture of the kid with the apple received 49.
What happened to all my support?
Ah well.. proof I suck

In any case.. I need to kidnap someone.
Just about anyone, I don't care.
I really want to go to Animefest. But.. I don't have a car, and I have this irrational fear of driving in Dallas.
The convention's coming up rather quickly, and it seems that any possible ride that would have fun there is unavailable.
It's mostly timing, though..because of school, etc.
So some people have good excuses.. blah. I can't argue that. Especially if you haven't seen your best freind in a year, or your car is dead, or you have to work.
But come on.. isn't there ANYONE out there that would just give me a goddamn ride to Dallas for the convention? Grr.. they don't even have to stay for the convention.
Pisses me off. I really wanted to cosplay.
I guess I should just forget about it, though. If someone were to give me a ride there, I'd still be at the shitty convention all by myself and wonder how I'd get a ride to the place I've been allowed to sleep at.

Screw it.


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