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ahh.. Hmmm.. I hate you all

First off, I found this on Zoi no Miko's Livejournal, and I MUST go out and buy an import copy. (or most probably order off the 'net) I'm so happy Japanese GBA games will work on US GBAs, just like w/regular gameboy ^..^


Still waiting on the results of the Amano's world art competition, but that ought to be coming soon.

The last week my Akuma was working, he let me rent some movies to eat up some time. I got to see "Snatch" and "Oh Brother, Where art thou?" Snatch was weird.. and the fact that you could get subtitles JUST for Brad Pitt amused the hell out of me. There was a second disk of special features, but I didn't bother with it. The movie was pretty funny, and kudos must go out to the director, producer, and all the fun cinematography people that made it look so interesting.. but let's just say that it hasn't become one of my all time fav. movies.

I think I may be going to Dallas tomorrow, and staying the weekend. I don't like leaving for 3 days during Akuma's week off (I;d much rather do somthing like this on a week he's working) but my freind Al wants to take me to Deel Ellum and show me around. We might go clubbing, etc. He tells me that a good day to go to the Church is Thursday, so I don't think we'll be hitting that club this weekend, though. (The Curch is a (infamous?) goth club in Dallas) It'll be fun, and I'll get to wear my vinyl pants and pretty much cosplay Kyo. I don't have any $$, and I wasn't too keen on taking off for so long (and consequently sleeping over at a freind's place where there is a definite possibility that there will be periods of extreme bordom between periods of much fun) but I really need to get out of the house. I won't even start on THAT, though...

I talked to Al about Animefest, too. I'm hoping that I can stay with him while I'm there. Jess& Shay were really nice and offered to let me pitch in some $$ and stay with them, but it's getting closer and closer to the con, and I STILL don't think I have a ride. Since I can't give them a definite answer, I think I'm going to talk to Al about staying with him on the chance I can get a ride. I'm also going to see if I can't get him ro crossplay Ayanami Rei from Evangelion. He already has the perfect blue wig, and he has really nice legs. ^..^ Just need to get him a white button-down shirt and a powder blue jumper sewn up for his costume.. hehhehehehehe

My DDR (Dance Dance Revolution)pad came in a few days ago. It's a nice hard plastic pad. It looks fragile, but it's pretty darn durable. The weight limit is somthing like 190 lbs, though. I know a lot of guy freinds that won't be able to use it. Especially the really tall ones -..- Oh well! I told one of them the other day.. If he really wants to play on a dance pad that bad, he can go out and buy himself one of the vinyl pads like I had first. They don't have a weight limit, so he'd be able to use it. HE was really stupid, though.... he KNEW that there was a weight limit on MY pad, and he walked up to it and started stepping on one of the buttons anyway, saying "Oh yeah.. I couldn't use this.. look at how it's bending under my weight already" Moron... I could have killed him. If you KNOW you can't use somthing, why try? It's not like drawing.. where you think you can't do somthing, but it's ok to try anyway.. this is a matter of physics! It's set in stone! If you are not this tall, you can't ride, etc.! Grrr... And what if he'd broken the damn thing? He's just the ass to go "oops" and not pay for it. Pisses me off...
Mako-chan, if you're reading this, know that it was the one who's name starts w/a "J"... you know..his answer to ALL computer problems starts and ends with formatting the hard drive.

On a funny note, I was watching the Daily show the day after I got my DDR pad in. They were doing a segment on another network's segment on aging. Apparently Nick Nolte helped the station by doing a few physical exams, etc... Well, when they had finished, Nick Nolte said that he felt healthy, and that he did aerobics everyday.. And it showed him playing DDR at home!!!!! Laughed my ass off... It showed Nick Nolte, a respectable actor... playing his own arcade DDR machine at home! Ahh!! Wonderful! ^..^ It makes me giggle. Huzzah for DDR! I wonder if Sir Anthony Hopkins plays DDR?


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