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Anime..anime... now Otaku make me sick XD

I just finished watching the end of Nadesico. Actually.. I watched nearly the whole series. I've seen the first volume about 10 times.. so I skipped that one..
A few thoughts:

1) The ending was highly dissappointing. I think I may have to watch the last 4 episodes of Sabre J to get the bad taste out of my mouth

2) This was a really odd series. After I started thinking about it.. it seemed to really make sense to me when I say it's really like a combination between Tenchi Muyo and Neon GEnesis Evangelion. Martian successor Nadesico is just plain weird... took me long enough to finish watching, though :P

3) Minami Omi (did I get that right, Mako-chan?) Really frightens me. If ever I were to meet her on the street, I think I'd run and hide. (Voice actress for Ruri)

4) Many Seiyuu-related questions for Mako-too.
What other series has Yurika's voice actress done, and were any of the NAdesico voice cast in Tennimon? That Asuka-looking pilot sounded a heck of a lot like Noelle or maybe Noelle's "sister" when she made a "bun-bun" noise

5) I really, really, really need to make some egg-fried rice right now. After watching Akito obsess over the perfect plate of fried rice, I'm trying to remember how the hobo did it in Tampopo now. I'm steaming the rice as we speak.. and we'll see whether or not it's going to be a mistake to add anything other than egg to it. Akito's looked brown.. so I'm wondering if Teriyaki sauce is a good idea.. but I'm kind of wary of it. No soy.. but I think I'd want teriyaki more anyway.. The fear of it turning out gross is really making me thing about putting it in, though. Maybe I'll just use pepper, egg, and rice to start out.. hmmmm.....

6) Nadesico made me realize how frooked in the head we otaku really are. Oh well XD
At first I thought it was really cute, making a mazinger/gatchaman type sentai a part of the plot.. and then the obsession grew ehhheheheh

7) After going to Minako-chan's portion of the gakuen, I spent the entire series waiting for Jun to die.. and if it happened, I missed it.. which makes me wonder why there's a memorial to him...
(Or maybe he did really die, and I DID miss it, in which case.. PLEASE DON'T KILL ME! lol)

Just some thoughts..
And now that I'm still holding Mako-chan's partial anime collection hostage, I think I'm going to watch the Nadesico movie everyone keeps bitching about.

...Hey.. at least I got SOMTHING done this summer :P

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