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Kore wa... NEW?

Hah! There are so many things that I have just... forgotten.. lately. Let's not mention the financial aid situation, though ne? ;P I won't tell, and neither will you. Time for more pointless lists!
Things I HAVE forgotten, though:
1)To add Zoi no Miko to my buddylist.. much akin to the time where I forgot to add Megumi cat for over a month -..-
2)To mention my cosplay pictures in front of everyone
3)To subject everyon to the new X OAV TRAILER, courtesy of Mako-chan XD
4) To talk about DeG news
And lots of other stuff.

So anyway... Every now and then I go and check my user info page. I'm mostly curious as to whether or not I've pissed anyone off enough to drop me from thier list. It's only happened once, and it was the funniest thing.. makes me crack up every time I think about the loser XD But lately, ive noticed that I've been developing a "fan base" if you will.. People I don't know.. that don't talk to me.. that just kinda lurk. It's kind of funny, IMO. As a ageneral rule, though, I won't add someone to my freinds list unless they attempt to make contact, or at least conversation with me.. so there :P Just thought I'd say hello to all those lurkers, though.. heh

Cosplay News- Yes.. I FINALLY got my A-kon cosplay pictures put up. Every image should work except for one.. so everything should be ok w/the page now. Everyone must go and check out my website now, and look at my cosplay pictures. I snagged a female farfello for Kenji (She sent me a postcard from France! What a sweetheart!)
And I also snagged a really good Persona 2 group for Masako and Ryo so everyone had better go take a look at them :P
I should scan in my autograph card and my autographed Da Cider cel (Da Cider of Lamune& 40 Fire.. you should have seen the look on Tsukasa Kotobuki's face... he just said WOW..lol) from A-kon as well. Maybe later.. I'm lazy :P

Oh yeah! Kyo news!
Here's some stuff that came off my CoK list. This Website put the CoK site to shame. I guess I'll have to prod a certain person to help me with the new site some more so we can get it up& running. Right Lin-chan? ^..^
School starts in 20 days, so the goal of havving everything set over the summer is long gone :P
Without further ado- The news
CD Release Update:
CD names announced!
The Maxi-Single is titled Filth. Comes with 3 tracks.
The Remix Album is titled Reforming -KAI-. No track listings at this time.

Note from Kyo added to Official Site concerning his poetry cd/book!
I will do the best (with my poor skills) to translate:
2:00am - I've finally finished.
I think this work will break ground in a lot of senses.
When you purchase it you will be pleased with the contents.
So, see you this summer.
This is Kyo.

Did I forget anything else? send me a bill

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