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Mmmmm..huh...? Wow...

Saturday already? Oh wait.. it's Sunday... BLAH!
Well.. I've been itching to play DDR lately, but we don't have a new pad yet. We're going to see if we can get one of the hard plastic arcade-style pads off ebay, since they're pretty expensive if you buy them retail. I'd rather have a hard plastic one then the vinyl-type one we got in first, because when I do the jumps, the plastic slides around and it's just really weird.
So... when I get bored, I play it with the controller so I can learn the songs... It's definitely not the same as actually dancing around, and not as fun.. but the songs are catchy.
I really want to know if there are any hidden songs or characters to unlock on the playstation version, though.. It's driving me nuts, b/c I'm not good enough to clear the stages with an "A"... and if that's what you have to do, it'll take me a while.. But hell, I just really want to know if there's anything to unlock >..<
Also... The submissions are up for the contest @ Yoshitaka Amano's website You can reach it by going to the "Amano Giveaway" section on the main page. It's on page 9 of the submissions, and number 102. Please take a look and vote on mine if you feel that it deserves a vote. I really don't expect to win in the execution category, because compared to some of them, like the artist that did #61 and the others of that style.. I have nothing. But, I think my concept it pretty good, and I worked really hard on it.. so if anything, at least go look at them.
Oh.. and I found a good place for my sketchbooks yesterday... the fireplace.


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