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The picture for the contest is finished. I'm not going to post it up here, because I've been told that it really doesn't look too much different from my last scan. I did some tweaking, but I suppose it was mostly to appease myself. I would love it if you guys would go to Amano's World and vote for my picture in the contest. To make it fair, though.. only vote on mine if you honestly think it is the best one. There will be some other very good entries there, and while I would love to win thr prize ( A set of ltd. ed. postcards of some of Yoshitaka Amano's work... one of them will be autographed by him, personally) I don't want to do so in what I would feel is a dishonest manner. Maybe everyone else is going to have a big bunch of freinds go and vote for them... but if I do happen to win somthing for once, I'd rather have it be on my own terms, I suppose.. So please... Go take a look at the entries. They should be up Friday.. And if you are going to vote, vote on what you think it the best in each category... and if it happens to be mine, I'd be honored. If not... I know there are people out there with better technical skill than my own, and I can handle that. Just like the Megatokyo "contest."
And as for personal news.. My copy of DDR (DanceDanceRevolution) came in yesterday. It plays on a PS/PS2, and you can get a special dance pad to play it. We ordered it from EB world, and ordered a pad from them... But let me just say that I am SEVERELY dissappointed. They didn't have the official Konami pads in, but they were selling an off-brand kind that they said was compatible with the game. Well.. We plugged everything into the PS2, and couldn't get the select "X" button to work.. nor could we get any of the other buttons aside from the directional buttons to work. At first we thought that it may be due to a full memory card, or the fact that it was plugged into the PS2 and for some odd reason, wouldn't recognize the button presses. SO.. we tinkered around with it for a while.. tried diff memory cards, and some other stuff. THen, we plugged it into our regular playstation and screwed around with it there for a while. Again.. only the directional buttons worked. So... we messed around with it some more and eventually just held it up to the light. While the pad itself had boxes painted on the top of the pad for the playstation buttons (X,O, triangle, & square) there were NO CONNECTIONS underneath those pads. They simply were no electronic connections to that portion of the pad. However, without the "X" button, you cannot play DDR on playstation. You need that button to select your dancer, and no other button will confirm that.. making the pad ultimately completely incompatible with the game. This really pissed me off, b/c we had to wait a few extra days b/c EB world said they didn't have anymore pads, and had to wait for some new ones. The pads also said they were compatible for PS& PC, and would work for dancing games. I suppose what ticked me off the most was the fact that on the box, it shows light-up areas on the top of the pad that show when you press each button. Our pad had that for the directional pads, but the one on the box had it for both those and the PS button commands. Damn Chinese rip-off POS! I'm so ticked off, b/c now we're going to have to find a new pad somewhere else and go through the pain-in-the-ass process of returning this pad. Since we cannot play the game w/the pad, though, we should be able to return it as "not compatible" with our game, and everything should be fine.. I hope


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