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Well, it's official...

We've lost another J-rocker T..T
I, personally, would love to go a year without hearing about another tragic death in the Japanese rock world. It's always someone from a damn good band, and even if I'm not a huge fan of that person, it still never fails to hurt.
Below is the email I received from the Majordomo J-rock BBS when someone asked about official news on Shaisuke:
if you're reading inertia's BBS, then you know that's a 'yes', but for
those who don't know.. it is official. uhm.. yeah.. I'll just repost
what I posted on the BBS... ;_;

I suppose I should say though, he passed away on the 16th.. the funeral
service was held the 19th and 20th. One of the websites said it was at
the Yamamoto cemetary, though it might have been a terrible
mistranslation on my part. ^^;

Uhm.. I don't have any public grief to express that I haven't already
expressed, so I'll sort of save it, allright? He was the
greatest kind of musician, one that actually gave a damn about the music
and did it for the joy of the thing, not the money. And
he was one of the fucking greatest bassists in Japan, and I will never
stop missing him. ;_;

Murasaki, as always, is taking anything you want to say about Shaisuke.
We've sort of had time to prepare, I guess.. but uhm..
if you do have something to say, we would appreciate it and we will be
passing it on. E-mail addresses are.. uhm.. either me,
sparkle@aracnet.com or uhm.. thigi's been using murasaki1998@yahoo.com

I'd appreciate if minasan on other BBS/lists as well could pass it on
respectively. I don't go to the Extasy board or anything..
though nobody ever submits things, which I think is a real shame.
Because Baiser were one of the few bands who actually gave
a damn, and actually responded.


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