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Thanks, Jess :P

Something fun& pointless, yay!
You girls should remember doing this at least once in middleschool. Even if you were unpopular like me, they eventually got around to fixing your life up for you and determining your future with a silly game XD How fun! :D

Your husband's name is Mana and you have 12 children. You're a Librarian who drives to work every day in a Red Minivan.

It's truly a wonderful life when you consider the countless romantic nights you have spent with Mana in your shack in Dallas.

For anyone who's curious.. some of the other possible choices I stuck in were:
My very own Akuma
Kyo, Kozi, Kamijo
Bicycle, horse-drawn buggy
Rock star, manga artist, dentist
Alaska, Panama, Tokyo
No of kids: 0,1,2,3,12 :P SURE.. it ALWAYS lands on the big number...

Thanks, Jess! ^..^
Beleive in Pre-Destination? or perhaps you beleive that you can change your own destiny..
Find out what's in store for you, HERE

Oh yeah.. and if I don't get any replies on my watercolor project, I will personally mail each and every one of you a dead cricket :P


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