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I just wanted to tell everyone... IT IS MIKI-CHAN'S BIRTHDAY! SEND HER STUFF! :D
Also.. I've actually been working on my picture for amano's world lately. Yes.. I've actually been working on it! BAh.. In any case... I've been very naughty and started coloring it before I'd finished the sketch. What I did was this: I used my favorite drafting table (glass kitchen table with a lamp underneath.. you're able to track onto much thicker paper w/the image backlit) and inked the picture onto a seperate sheet of paper. I then put another sheet on top of that and started coloring w/watercolors. This way, I get a watercolored image that doesn't look like it has any lines. Mind you, this isn't finished yet. I only put a few colors down, and I haven't finished coloring everything yet. With watercolors, you have to work from light to dark. Since your light colors are either the paper itself, or a thin layer of color on top the paper.. all your light colors have to be brought out through the paper.. then you lay down progressively darker colors when you wan things darker. You don't always have to do it in a lot of different steps.. but I do that for some of the parts I'm afraid of messing up. So.. Keep in mind that most/most all the white parts are going to get covered up when I decide what I want to do with them. Also, I cropped the picture so I could save space and scan a larger image of the main figure.. so there is at LEAST two bodylengths of blank space to the left of the creature. This is where I plan on painting background. I wanted the main character to be off-centered, as it will hopefully add to the drama of the pic when I'm done. All that crap said...
The colors look a little better in person, and please don't be to critical as this is only my hobby.. lol
But if you have any constructive crit, I'll definitely use it if you get it in soon enough& it's not too late to paint it in :P


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