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The mouse that searched for God

I have an idea for a watercolor project. It's really the FIRST good art idea I've taken from a dream. I hope I can do justice to the watercolors. I feel like I'm plaugarizing, though. If you steal an idea from your dream, is it really yours? I've never heard of my idea before, so I'm pretty sure my dreams didn't steal it from somewhere else.. or.. they may have.
I may have just snatched somthing interesting from the collective while I was asleep. Anyone here familiar with Jung?
In any case... I'll paint a few pictures.. knowing they won't turn out right ::shruggs:: and remember my dream. It'll be interesting.
For some odd reason, I felt like I had to go off at JunJun today. I can't really say I'm sorry, though. Sometimes, I just feel like walking up and slapping a few people. You know what I'm talking about? Like how I feel like walking up and slapping Mako-chan around. Not in my usual Pimpslap manner.. but becasue she calls herself fat in front of me all the time. It pisses me off, because she's a lot like me in some respects. German background, German build. We're not swedish models. Germans are sturdy, but that doesn't mean they're fat.. and Mako-chan, you're DEFINITELY not fat. You're a good average size, on the skinny side. I wouldn't ever expect myself, or any other girl with German genes to be as skinny as Shinya, or any of the other under-fed J-rockers out there... and... it's physically IMPOSSIBLE to look like any lead anime heroine. You're skinny.. get over it XD
If you're worried about gaining any weight b/c of a lack of marching band in the near future, come and play DDR with me :P
ANOREXIA is a bad thing, people! It's a disease!

I really feel like ranting today, don't I? I just need to tie a soap-box to my feet and hop from one journal to another. lol

And I STILL say you should be able to choose "evil" as an emotion down there, complete with a horned smiley.. becasue I think evil is a whole lot different from Devious...


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