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Lots of stuff...
Sat, I went to Dallas with Goat-Boy and we had gobs of fun. We met with a bunch of people from the Radio Wasabi ML and played DDR(Dance Dance Revolution to all you DDR virgins :P) and went to a really good traditional Japanese restaraunt called Mr. Max's. Poor Goat-boy couldn't find the lesbian giraffe's vagina... ::sniffle:: Well, there will always be next time ^..^ In any case.. I was a little dissappointed that all the RW ML people were LATE (By nearly an hour... 2 non Dallas Native waiting for people we hardly know in a place we've never been to before=lots of paranoia) but everything ended up ok. I had lots of fun w/DDR. I want one now. I think I honestly can get a good workout by playing it for a few hours every day... It's just what I need to do to go w/the new diet I'm going to start. I've never dieted before, so this should be interesting...(Incidentally.. I'm rather proud of the fact that I've never needed to... but after a bunch of depression& other odd random things I'll eventually write a manga about.. I need to lose a few lbs to regain a positive self-image)
So... after DDR, Goat-Boy and I were getting really tired. We were really looking forward to Mr Max's but suddenly Antonio said no one was doing that anymore b/c apparently they were going to forget about someone's B-day if they didn't go to this party... we were all invited to get smashed, but since Loki& I were looking forwards to a drive that would be no shorter than an hour and a half, we decided to get going. I said I was a little sad about going to the Japanese place, and everyone decided then& there to just get up and go ^..^ Wow.. they were SO incredibly different than the assholes around here (Mako-chan excluded!) So we went to this INCREDIBLE Japanese restaraunt..
It was very small.. only about 4 tables, and a big ramen bar-thingie.. but all the people that worked there were Japanese, and they had very tyraditional things like Ochazuke (tea on rice).. which I really wanted to try.. but I figured I'd go for somthing I'm more familiar with, like Yakisoba. Wow.... it was different. There really is no comparison, b/c the onlything close to real Yakisoba that I'd had was at a fast food place called Edo.. but I was shocked. It was a little more sour with somthing paper-thin that I'm assuming were dried fish flakes. Aside from the initial shock of eating somthing that you expected would taste completely different (You know.. like when you pick up a glass of water and it turns out to be 7-up.. sure.. 7-up is good, but your gut reaction is to spit it out, b/c it doesn't taste "right") It was very good after I got used to it.. but it was a ton of food! I only finished half of it, and I didn't think it would heat up well, so I had to tell the waitress not to save it for me. I felt bad ^..^** Mako-chan, you'll really enjoy this place... But let me just tell you that you'll probably be as embarrassed as I was to speak Japanese there. I understood everything that was being said, but I felt very embarrassed to say anything in Japanese. I just don't have enough confidence to speak it around a real native of the language. Kumo no Jyuuza wasn't like that, though. He felt perfectly comfortable speaking it.. but then again.. he practically lives there, and everyone knows him ^..^***** The place was so nice, though! When we left, all the staff of the place got up and thanked us personally. I want to go back there again!
Then there was this one guy.. eehhhh...
Jess, Did Shay tell you about the boyfreind we found for you?? ROFL!
There was this crusty MExican guy there that was kind of scary that gave Shay his phone number and told her to call him.. I know I'm evil.. lol.. but I told Shay to give it to Jess as a souveneir/present of the time she missed hanging out with yours truly.. XD I was feeling evil..
All and All (aside from the 3 days w/o sleep, and sleeping ALL SUNDAY) it was wonderful.. and if I had a job& $$, I'd be doing that stuff all the time. The car trip seemed thankfully short both there and back. I guess it was b/c I had a new freind, and I love talking w/new freinds.. I mean, it's an entire universe and life that's alien to your own.. you have your entire lifetime to share with that person if you so choose, and none of your 5 little clever stories have been told.. lol... It's a chance for me to pretend I'm nifty, I guess, and hang out with new people. Because we had so much that hadn't been discussed, we had a lot to talk about on the car trip. I love new freinds ^..^
I also bought 2 new sketchbooks. One for Miki-chan's manga project, and one for my own use. Before I do anything with that, though, I really need to work on my submission for the Amano's world contest. I really haven't done anything with it since I showed it to you guys a few days ago.. must get busy.. then move on to the next thing
Incidentally, you all should feel honored. IT looks like you guys are the only ones in the universe that will see my Megatokyo guest strip. It must have sucked ass.. I really can't compete with real artists.. but for some reason, I'm still foolish enough to keep trying w/the amanosworld one. You never know...


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