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Afest is Over! Time to get ready for NDK!!!

UGGGHHH so tired!

Anyway, AnimeFEST was awesome, as always. That convention is always great. I brought a crazy amount of costumes to that con, and I don't ever want to do that again :P

Then again, NDK is coming up, and I'm already looking at a crazy number of costumes for that con. Potetntial costume list??

1 Kefka from FF VI
2 Yumichika from Bleach
3 Arche from Tales of Phantasia
4 Arshtat from Suikoden VI
5 Hikaru from Rayearth
6 Kyoko from PMMM
7 Marie from Persona 4

So..... Kefka and Arshtat both take up a lot of room. I was sooo excited to get Arshtat resized, and it wore really well on Friday. I just wore it a little too long and ended up with super sore feet, blisters, and all sorts of other foot issues because of it! (Also, maybe, because I wear gigantic platforms with it. lol)

Kefka takes up a decent amount of space, but it all compresses well. I mean, most of it gets laid completely flat and I don't have to worry about anything getting crushed! So, I can stick that in the big suitcase. Bleach only takes up room for fabric, and can be flat. Arshtat's crown& wig need special attention. Hikaru is light and flat. Arche is flat and doesn't need special attention.

Kyoko is not done yet! LOL

So.. the reason why this is the POTETNTIAL list is because I'm not quite sure what I am taking yet!

I'm only bringing Bleach if any of the other girls are wearing theirs again. I know Aya and Ringo were excited about it, so I'd bring Yumichika for them. I really kind of want to wear Hikifune again, but I don't want to mail a silly foamcore spoon all the way up there :P

I don't HAVE to bring Arshtat, but that costume is so pretty T..T

Marie doesn't have to come along at all, but I thought, "oh, I've only worn it once, and it doesn't take up much room at all, aside from the shoes!"

Kyoko isn't done. In fact, all I've really done is sew the skirt half together!

All that really means is that the only costumes that are coming FOR CERTAIN are Kefka, Arche, and Hikaru. I'm going to have to get with people on the others. I really want to wear Arshtat again, especially since the girls up in CO haven't had a chance to see that one in person yet, but that's the most likely candidate to get cut right now, since the crown is fragile and the wig stays on a wig head! (Well, the Kefka wig stays on a wig head, but it probably doesn't have to, you know? I can probably fold that one in half. We shall see!)

For now, though, I'm exhausted! I have to go down to Michaels and pick up an art print for the bathroom. It sucks, because I went and picked this stuff up on Thurs morning, and they'd LOST one of the prints! WTF! Apparently they found it and finished framing it, though, so it's there and ready now. I'll probably go pick it up as soon as I get some clothes on. I'm glad I didn't have to go down there and deal with drama, yo! Still, the extra trip sucks.

Also arriving this week (with any luck): My Hikaru shoes. I bought some second-hand Crocs in a mary jane style with high hopes that they will be relatively accurate, yet very comfortable. They're a wedge instead of a traditional mary jane, but I need the extra heel to make my legs look better. Especially since I'll be wearing the most unflattering knee-high socks ever with this costume :X

Contacts should also be arriving this week! I managed to get a walk-in spot at the optometrist's on Thurs, and ordered more colored contacts. I got green for Kefka and blue for Arshtat/ Natalia/ etc. I was hoping they'd happen to have some in stock so I could wear them for AnimeFEST, but they didn't. They should be here this week, though, which will be RIGHT IN TIME for NDK. Kefka has either blue or green eyes, I seriously don't remember. I'm thinking about doing one blue, one green, though, just because it'll be striking and awesome. It also might be totally inaccurate. We'll see!

At any rate, there's really no way in hell I'm bringing 7 costumes to NDK. I think 4 would be a good number, but I'd be up for bringing 5. Two for Fri, two for Sat, one for Sun.. or One for Fri, two for Sat, two for Sun. It doesn't matter. I'm leaving early mon morning, but most people leave the con by noon on Sun, so I might just go street clothes and hang out with people Sun evening. I'm not sure. I'm also arriving Thurs evening, though, so I'll have all Fri to change costumes like crazy :P It all really depends on what everyone else is doing.. otherwise I'd just bring Arshtat, Kefka, and Hikaru :P


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