HIDE your face (kyonomiko) wrote,
HIDE your face

Oh snap, it's July already? (-78ish)

I realized that with July, I don't have much time for costumes left.

I didn't really notice how much time had gone by between my journal entries, so I thought I should post a little about what I've been up to.

I'm working on my Hikaru (Rayearth) costume right now, and having a hard time with a bad pattern. When I use a pattern, I expect to be able to pick out the size I need based on personal measurements, sew it, and have it fit pretty well. That's not happening.

I'm currently wearing a women's L in shirts, a 10-12 in pants, yet Butterick told me that I needed to cut out a size 18 blazer. I was all like "WHATEVER JERKS" and cut it out anyway. It doesn't fit for crap! It's huge! The shoulders are too wide, so all the work I spent easing and basting a sleeve last night was for nothing. I have to rip it off there, narrow the shoulders, re-ease the sleeve, and re-attach it. The jacket overlaps in the front, too, but that's an easy fix. I spent so much time yesterday CAREFULLY marking, sewing, and pressing all the darts this pattern requires. I really thought it'd fit a little better! Son, I am disappoint.

I'm trying to do a really good job on this costume. It's pretty simple, so it's even more important that my lines are clean. I'm trying not to cut any corners, and even though the whole thing is lined, I'm still pressing all my seams and finishing the inside.

After the blazer, I plan to work on the blouse, collar, and bow. I'm saving the skirt for last, since I'm most concerned with changes in the fit over the next 2 1/2 months until NDK (Well, less than that...)

I'm also thinking about armor already. I kind of want to do fiberglass. For that, I'd build a duct tape double of myself, then build the chestpeice on top. I was thinking that since Hikaru, Umi, and Fuu all basically have the same armor, I could probably make some plaster casts and then coat those with Vaseline and make three sets out of fiberglass. I'm not sure if the girls are interested, though. I'd basically have to finish them early and then mail them up so they could cast gems and do all the character-specific coloring. Ray& Jisha have both expressed interest in visiting this month, so if I have the help, I might give it a shot. I need to figure out if I'm making just my armor, or three sets, though.

I'm kind of stressing a little bit about everything.

I finished re-building the Arshtat waist cincher. It needs all the designs painted on it, then it's done. I need to re-sew the snaps onto the brown upper strap for the center gold placard flappy thing, then resize and re-weave the bottom straps. After that, I'll have to repair the crown. Nugget did some damage to the round part, and the Texas sun did some damage to the tall part. I'll still have to re-size the skirt and maybe take in the red thing, too. I don't know. It's a lot of finicky things, but they're all important.

For Arche.. I checked the pants, and they are hilarious. I need to take the waistband out, take the whole thing in by a few inches, slim down the legs just a little bit, and then re-sew it all. I'll have to attach the triangle/pompom deco on the other bottom leg and maybe stick some elastic in there. I got the gloves in, and a purple sports bra. I'll have to finish styling the wig, make some spats for the shoes, and sew the white top. Eventually, I'll want to get out to Sam Moon and look for some kind of accurate bangles, or just steal that huge yellow abomination Tania used for Valvalis. Oh, and I need to make/buy a scarf. I need to do everything for this costume, but as you can see, it's not a ton.

Kyoko- I've picked out patterns for the bustier and skirt. I bought tights. I need to figure out what pattern I want to use for the top garment. It's pretty.. weird. It's really flat, too. I have to decide if I want to make it flattering or accurate :P Accurate would be easier! Kyoko's not busty, but I think I should make it more flattering and allow for boob darts. Also.. I hate mandarin collars. HATE

I don't even want to think about all the other stuff I have to do.. take in Natalia, fix Kefka, all the work needed for Hikaru, etc...


I'm just not feeling it. I've been feeling pretty bleh in general the last few months. I am not as excited about all of this as I feel I should be. It'll get done, though! I hope...


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