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It's time! (Month 4, week 1 or whatever -75)

I think I have to post the weeks every so often in my subject, or I lose track :X

It's time to wear Arshtat again. It's been a few years. I've only worn this costume twice, but I've put a TON of time into it. There's been hand-painting and all sorts of other shenanigans involved with this costume. I wore it for the first time to Animefest with KT, who is currently very bad at checking her text messages. She made Zerase. We were photographed by some pro, and I bought a hilariously awesome 3-D print of us together by some water feature outside the hotel. By hilariously awesome, I mean that you totally get to wear 3D glasses to view it properly! It's epic!

The second time I wore it was not too long after, at A-kon the following summer. It was great, we had all sorts of interesting photos taken (though we can't seem to find many), and it was freaking hot. How hot was it?? Well, I didn't really put much thought into it when we climbed back into the car to go home, but I had tossed some parts of the costume in the trunk. The plastics warped and the hot glue lifted, and now I have to repair my crown :P I am currently wondering if I can just iron the warped pieces and sandwich them between something heavy to flatten them back out. It's not bad, but it's not perfect.

What else isn't perfect?

Well, the front placard thing is still pretty awful. It was a lot of work, and it'll be nearly impossible to remake exactly how I like it, so I'm trying to find a way to salvage it. It has a healthy crease from being packed into suitcases and folded up for travel, but I'm going to try to work around that. Somehow, it seems like it's 6 inches too long. I don't remember it being that much longer than my skirt hem, so that's kind of a problem. Due to the nature of the construction of the piece, there's no good-looking way to cut it and glue it back together that won't show a seam. I might be able to cleverly chop it in a few places, but right now I'm just thinking about wearing really tall platforms instead.


Well, all my time on this thing will almost definitely be spent resizing it! T..T

Don't get me wrong.. I'm totally thrilled and whatever, but this will actually be the second time I've had to resize the waist cincher. The first time I did it was after losing 25 lbs when the doc threatened to put me on medications. I lost the weight and then eventually gained it back, but hey.. Arshtat needed to be smaller. Thankfully, the top is a kimono-style closure, so it doesn't really matter too much what size it is. The sleeves are very free. The skirt... well, I did a pretty good job with that one and put a waistband and zipper in. The fastest fix will be to just zip it in a few inches on the opposite seam from the zipper. The no-fix fix will be to just wad it up under the waist cincher XD I'll probably zip up a sloppy seam on the side.

Tonight, I've been quite single minded in my seam ripping on the waist cincher. To do this the "right" way, I pretty much need to disassemble it. I'm close.. but I'm going to leave the front ends attached. I think I can bring in the seams on the fashion cloth and duck cloth separately. I've taken out all the boning, and I'm currently deciding if I'm going to do it the proper way, or just pinch& zip. I have some time, and I want it to look good, so I'll probably end up doing it the right way. -..- I'm just not looking forward to all the extra hours put into it.

That being said.. if I can find all the pieces to this thing and get it fixed up again, I'll be able to take some really nice photos. I need to find a super awesome bra first, though. I seriously deflated from the last time I wore that costume, and she has some serious cow tits. I've got the top, skirt, sash, waist cincher, crown parts, wig, and front flappy thing& all those parts. I'm basically missing the necklace, earrings, true rune tattoo& sash ornament. I think I know where the necklace is. I'll just have to find the other parts. I may end up cutting out another true rune if I can't find all the parts. Those just go on with some sprit gum, but the stick on vinyl always looks fantastic.

I know I have 3 months until NDK (And really, AnimeFEST is before that. Maybe I should try to make Arshtat ready by Afest and wear it twice this year??).. but I've totally signed on for a ton of work for this fall. I don't even know how it happened. I kept saying things like, "Oh, wouldn't it be awesome if we did this..." and "NO MATTER WHAT I AM BRINGING KEFKA EVEN THOUGH I FORGOT MY AWESOME EXPENSIVE TIME INTENSIVE WIG AT THE HOTEL", etc, and before I knew it there were 5 costumes scheduled for this convention.

"Old" costumes: Kefka, Arshtat
"New" costumes: Hikaru, Kyoko, Arche

Old& New in quotes because really.. Kefka is not that old. He's only been worn once, but he was just finished. And Arche? Been sitting on all the costume pieces AND a half styled wig for this thing for multiple years. :X

And after NDK, I'll have a pink spiky wig in a high ponytail, a maroon spikey wig in a high ponytail, and a red fluffy wig with a long ass braid. You'd think there would be a more efficient way to do this, but no.

Next time I get mega coupon frenzy'ed by Jo Ann's, I'll probably pick up fabric for Hikaru and Kyoko. I already have everything for Arche.. going to order some gloves, though. After checking the shoulder area of her design, I've decided I can get away with a sports bra instead of a tube top for her top, and I'm going to order a lavender sports bra from Welovecolors.com. God, I love that site. Going to get my black thigh highs for Kyoko there while I'm at it, since I'll be ordering multiple things.

Anyway, it's somehow 11pm now, and that's already an hour after my bedtime. I'm not sure why I'm so amped, especially having just suffered through an hour of seam picking. Only after cosplaying have I grown to understand why seam-picking was a punishment in the Little House on the Prarie books. -..-


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