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Nothing like a bowl of teenage angst in the morning...

I woke up around 5 AM with the need to post another J-rock related dream I had lat night, but got side-tracked by the sheer ammount of email and livejournal posts I had to catch up on.. that's weird, b/c there's usually nothing going on over here...
Lately, whether I seem it or not, though, I feel like I've been the only genki one around.. everyone's been angsting, and I just feel like taking a huge paper fan and whacking them all over the head with it, all at once. The one person I think that actually has a REASON to angst probably isn't a teenager anymore anyway, though, b/c we've talked about college before.
In any case- My J-rock dream must be related before I forget any more of it.
This time, it was about Lareine. There were a lot of other elements involved.. but let's just say that it was mostly about a convention like A-kona nd my adventures in the hotel and between Dallas and home.
eep.. I just got sidetracked again by checking to see if anyone on the BBS said anything about my Amano banners XD
oops.. sidetracked again.. I'll forget it all before I even begin

Ok.. At this convention.. I had to leave around noon, but Lareine was a special guest (Emiru, etc lareine.. not Grand Pain Kamijo Lareine) and they were playing around 5 or so. I was standing on an upper floor w/Mako-chan, and we saw them in full costume riding an elevator upwards just a few feet away from me. I was giddy and giggly and excited and kept saying to Mako "They were just.. this far away from me!!"
I was leaving the hotel, and saw them walking out in front of me, and I ran to them, calling after Kamijo. They had this slightly annoyed look, and kept walking. They were walking slower, though, and letting me speak. I explained how I'd been a fan of them for years, and how I was introduced to it by Masako, and how much I loved the music, etc, and they kept listening.. I asked if they'd had time to visit the city, and how if they needed a guide or help translating, I'd love to help out. So.. we all got in a vehicle together and started having fun. Mayu had this personal jet plane flier thing that we all got into and took off in. They were looking for this good Thai restaraunt, and I helped them get there. While we were on our way, Machi and Emiru were sitting in the back seat, Kamijo and I were in the middle seat, and Mayu was flying the plane ^..^ They had some stage props in the plane for the show that night, and one of them was this neptune-like-trident. Kamijo started laughing and we were joking about various things.. and then he picked it up and hurled it out the plane down on a building in Dallas. Emiru and MAchi got this "Here he goes again..." exaspirated look on their faces, and Kamijo and I were cakling and having fun. ^..^ Apparently, the trident stayed put int he plane, and when it was hurled, another appeared where it had been sitting before. I joked about how it was a good thing he didn't actually lose it, or he wouldn't have it when he needed it. We got to the thai restaurant, and it suddenly seemed like we were much smaller than normal size, b/c he landed the plane int he restaurant, and it was suddenly about the size of a chair, and we were all standing in front of a few empty tables. Apparently, the food had been brought to the tables while the people that ordered the food were in the bathroom or somthing, and Emiru& Kamijo started eating it ^..^** The hostess came in and wanted to know what we wanted to eat, and Kamijo wanted me to read the chicken menu to him. After we'd ordered, I asked why he wanted Thai food in america, of all places.. becasue in Japan he was closer to Thailand, and could go on holiday to get real food whenever he wanted. He then pointed out to me that the hostess's english wasn't perfect, and since the family that owned the restaurant was Thai, it would be the same thing. He also said that since America was called the "melting pot" he figured that this was the kind of place where you could find just about anything in the world. He said that since the country was all about the exchange of cultures, he saw no better place than this Thai restaraunt in the middle of nowhere, Tx to get the best Thai food.. it was very noble of him. This has been the first time in a few months, at least, that I've had a dream with a real noble moral in it. Then, we got a kick about how I had to translate her english into Kamijo's english..
I don't remember too much else, save for the fact that Mako-chan, lil' bitch, and Akuma were out driving home w/o me worried sick about how I was going to get home.. so I asked Lareine to fly me home since I was halfway there anyway, and they'd still make it back in time for the concert.
It was kind of strange, b/c I really didn't feel like going to the concert. Simple human interaction was enough.. I guess that all I really wanted, in regards to contacting Kyo, or any other J-rocker I've written to. I feel that as long as I can voice my appreciation for the music, and get some sort of response from them, it's enough for me.
I'm pathetic, ne?
Ask about the henshin bathtub later..heh


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