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Back from A-kon!

and totally exhausted. I don't really have any great pics to share, though. I put the two best Kefkas on my Cosplay.com page. I got 0 photos of the tentacle monster thing I made. Most of the Marie pics aren't full body, and they're blurry or too dark. Didn't get many of Pascal, either. I'll have to wait to see what other people got. In the meantime, though, here's the Kefka costume page.

Oh, and I totally got the makeup patterns on the wrong eyes. This happened with Yumichika at Ikkicon, too! I finally fixed the feather issue on Yumichika, but it didn't even occur to me to make sure I swapped the makeup in the mirror for Kefka. I really hate asymmetrical costumes. I double and triple checked all the garment details to make sure I had them on the right sides. Kinda sucks I messed up the face paint, but I can fix that the next time I wear the costume.

Totally forgot the wig in the hotel, though. Bummer.



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