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I keep forgetting to post updates on here (-71-72ish)


So, that's from a while ago. I'm further ahead on Kefka now. I made an amazing collar yesterday and actually sewed the waistband together. You know.. so the pieces aren't just pinned on the dummy to make it look more exciting. Like they are in that photo >..>

The collar is coming along AWESOMELY. I'm happy with it so far. I still need to actually sew it on, but before I do that, I want to make sure that I managed to get the cape part done enough to actually attach the collar. I'm still trying to figure out the front. I didn't use a pattern, and I'm at a bit of a crossroads on the shoulders. I can either make two flat pieces for the front, or just attach a tie on there where it is. I ALWAYS have the option of just safety pinning it to my clothing, but I don't want my shirt sliding over my head :P I'm thinking about getting some fishing weights or something and putting them in the front of the cape to keep it balanced. The problem is.. if it slides too far forwards or backwards, the collar won't look right. It needs to sit "just so."

Once I figure out that part, I'll have to decide if I'm sewing all the little scarves and whatever directly onto the cape, or if I'm going to make a separate capelet that ties over it. I'm leaning towards capelet right now, because I'm wary of adding extra weight to the cape on just one side. A capelet with a lot of extra scarves could be positioned over the cape, but under the collar any way I like.

I also need to finish the sleeves and the neckline on the shirt. I can finish the sleeves any day now, but I'm procrastinating on it. The neckline needs to get finished only after I finish the cape, since the shirt isn't supposed to show under the neckline of the collar. I'm a little worried about it all since I'll be wearing a boob-squashing vest that goes kind of high, and the collar is currently low and accurate. I'm wondering if maybe I should tweak the design a little bit to help me cover my man-vest. I've already taken liberties in other places. I guess I'll just have to finish the sleeves and try it all on together to see how it works out.

Diet-wise, I haven't been eating too well lately. I've been feeling seriously snacky. I don't get it. I've been skipping meals or eating weird things for meals. I'm also struggling to keep my calories down. I'm not slipping backwards on the scale, but I'm not going to be where I was hoping to be for A-kon. I hope that I can get my calories lower so things start to move forward again, but I've been feeling seriously burnt out on it all lately. Working out has become a huge chore, and trying to make things that both work in my food ranges and are something Matt will eat is giving me a headache. If I don't cook anything, he just eats white bread with peanut butter& butter on it. I'm totally grossed out by the fact that he puts butter under the peanut butter. I don't understand it! Anyway, the whole topic of meals has become so frustrating that even if I ask him if he wants me to cook him something, he just grunts about peanut butter and I end up throwing my hands in the air. The whole thing is driving me crazy. Meanwhile, our acceptable dinners are limited to 3 flavors of burger helper, two types of chicken helper, and one type of tuna helper. When I try to feed him anything else, it usually involves vegetables and he turns his nose up at it. It's totally aggravating. There are things I used to cook all the time that I just don't cook anymore because of certain ingredients (anything with rice), or because I can't control my portions well with those kinds of foods (anything with rice?), so I'm feeling really burnt out on those few dishes we can eat together, as well.

Sometimes, I feel like I need a vacation from life, and shit isn't even bad :P

Which reminds me..

Yes, I live really close to West. We are ok, because we weren't THAT close. I think those people who said they could hear it all the way up in Dallas were smoking something, because we didn't hear anything. We are a 15 min drive away, as opposed to those dudes up in the DFW area that are like 75 miles from West. ANYWAY. What happened there was awful, and our community has really come together to support them. Right now, they are actually turning things away because they are getting TOO MUCH stuff! It's crazy. Most restaurants, stores, etc around here all have donations areas for West. They don't need most of the stuff people are gathering right now, so I really hope the extras end up at Caritas or somewhere similar. The thing they need most right now is money to rebuild. WestFest isn't for months and months yet, but I have a feeling it will be the biggest one ever. And really, as an outsider to the situation, the best thing I can do is hang back and stay out of the way. We're probably going to donate blood later, but not for a few weeks. I was reading a notice from.. uh.. it was either Red Cross or Carter.. that they had all the blood products they needed at the hospital, and they didn't want everyone to rush out and donate all at once. The people that needed the products were treated with what they had on hand already. In the coming weeks, however, they will continue to need more to replenish what was used and help other people. I told Workout Partner that if she really felt she needed to get up and do something, she should wait a bit, and I'd go donate with her later.

Ugh. Now Matt is ranting behind me and I've lost my train of thought. I look forward to tomorrow because it is the one day a week I don't work out. I hope I can keep my calories low tomorrow... and get a lot of stuff done on costumes. That would be awesome. Not listening to Matt rant and rave and be all Debbie downer about computer games would be awesome, too. There are just some things in life you never get, though :P


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