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Start replying, dammnit XD

A big Arigatou to everyone who wished me a happy birthday... It being the "big 21" and all, ne?
Thanks! Want a rundown of my lame, lame birthday?
~~Midnight: Akuma calls. He's really sweet and wants me to go get my present from where he hid it. He bought me the Darkside Blues DVD. How sweet! ^..^ I felt bad, though, b/c I had to tell him that he'd already bought it for me in the past. ^..^** I always hate telling people that they've bought me somthing I already have. It makes me feel bad, because I feel that it makes me look unappreciaticve.. so Akuma felt like crap even when I told him not to. I stayed up all night doing generally nothing, posting way too much on message boards, LJ, and basically feeling anti-social, moody, and miserable... for no good reason except that I wanted to avoid talking to people OL.
Sometime between 8-9 AM: Akuma comes home from work with some roses and some toys to "make up" for buying me a B-day present! He's so sweet.. I got a pez dispenser w/the lucky charms he got XD I also got a neat leggo mecha thing that you put together like those Eva action figures.. (I made one.. they're cool)
Akuma made me a chocolate cake (but didn't sing :P) ...Played diablo II x-pac until around noon, and fell asleep until around 8pm...checked mail.. A package came in for Akuma from his mom, and my big oversized Lamune cel came in.
Before Akuma goes to work, he opens the package from his mom.. note inside "Hi [Akuma}: Sorry, it's for {hime-chan} this time. Love, Mom" XD WAHAHAHA! His mom is so cute! She remembered my birthday! (More than I can say about my irl "freinds")
I called a freind up to get him to eat some leftover cake.. and he was shocked to realize that it was my B-day, but said he had a present for me anyway.. gave me the Iron Chef book XD
Aside from that.. the biggest highlight of the day was all the well wishings of you.. I can honestly say that you guys were the best part of it all (Aside from sweet, sweet Akuma XD) Because.. not a single person called my house today...
Oh yeah.. except for my dad.. he wanted to make sure I got my email. I almost deleted it b/c I thought it was junk mail, but it's a 50 dollar gift certificate to the Barnes & Nobels online store... kick ass! I can get that drawing/anatomy book I wanted (to find) and a cookbook of Japanese cuisine.. and maybe somthing else nifty. Wai!
Though.. it was an amazingly "dry" 21st B-day... I can't help but say that I was dissappointed that the inconsiderate bastards that are Damon-tachi didn't hang out. Hell.. I didn't even get invited to the party last Sat.. but that's a whole other story.
The whole situation just serves to remind me how I'll never really fit in...
Everyone else my age goes out and gets plastered with freinds in the huge jubilant coming-of-age ceremony. I sit at home until I start calling people.. who really didnt' want to come over until I mention free food.. and think about how lame I would feel if I went out and bought some wine coolers on my B-day.
Ah well.. life sucks and then you die ^..^
I'm just glad I remembered to put my b-day into livejournal last week, so at least you all would know what day it was.( 'cause of someone doesn't remember your B-day, you can't blame them for it if they don't know when it is.. Lesson taken from Sailor Moon HAHAHAH)

Oh yeah!!! And a VERY special thanks to Tokio who said she liked my Amano banners. No one else gets a special thanks, b/c they didn't comment on them :P J00 suck LOL


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