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Month 12 week 4 is almost over. Almost to the end of Year One! (-69, dude)

I felt like I should update just because I keep forgetting what week I'm on. So yeah. I'm almost done with YEAR ONE. I thought there would be YEAR ONE and maybe 3 months, but now it's looking like YEAR FOREVERRR. I mean, shit's not really happening for me, so it's going to take another 4 years to lose half of what I lost this last year. Oh well. That's life. Some of us just have problems when it comes so easily to others. I just feel like a big pile of suck. I'm sure those of you jerks that still read my journal looking for ways to be jerky will just love reading that. But whatever. I don't care, or I'd just make shit freinds only.

I am going up to Ft. Worth with Matt for his birthday/ our wedding anniversary. We're leaving tomorrow afternoon, and we'll be back on like Sat. or something. I was really stressed about finding a cat sitter, but that's not really an issue anymore, huh? Now that Senpu is gone, I only need someone to come scoop some food twice a day. I can't leave food in front of Nugget. She's like me. She will eat everything in sight.

I kind of started sewing a costume. Kefka will be a massive project, and I'm already discovering that I'm short on things like elastic, etc. I thought I'd be done with the pants by now, but I've been kind of grumpy and haven't felt like leaving the house to go get the stuff I need. I'm stubbornly refusing to start any other garments until I finish the pants& shoes.. but I need some elastic and D rings for the pants, and some new fabri-tac for the shoes. Boo. I'll work on that more later.

I also need to order my brown bodysuit for Scarmiglione, and go buy some burlap for my cape thing. It's going to be pretty silly. I'm ordering some EL wire to make the eyes glow red. Or at least look like red circles or something. I have a silly rubber halloween mask to go with it, too. This costume will be hilarious.

It's dinner time, I'm hungry, and I'm pretty low on calories for the day, so I'm pretty grumpy. I need to go cook something, but Matt has been driving me crazy. I hope we last until our anniversary trip :P Every time I get hungry for dinner, and it's around dinner time, I'll ask him if he wants to eat. His answer is "EEEHHHHHH" or something that sounds like that. So then I'll say, "Well, I'm hungry. If I make something, will you want some too, or should I just make something for myself?" This is already starting to annoy me, because cooking two separate meals is a pain in the ass. His answer is always something to the effect of, "It doesn't matter" or "I don't know" or "I don't care." Which is about the same answer I get when I ask him what he wants for dinner.

It drives me insane.

If I just go eat on my own, though, he seriously will eat nothing but peanut butter on white breat three times a day. -..-

So now I'm wondering if I should even bother asking him if he is hungry or what he wants. Meanwhile, while I think about this, I'm not actually cooking anything and getting hungrier by the minute. This is bad, because it'll lead me to either putting off eating something until just before bed, (bad) or snacking until I figure out WTF I'm doing for dinner (also bad), or just making whatever and overeating. Also, options A and B lead to overeating -..-

It's all driving me quite insane. And really, having my brother and his candy bucket isn't helping. I feel like instead of a 10th anniversary event, I need a vacation away from everyone. I need like.. a sabbatical from human contact. Yup. I am so full of grump today.


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