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Maybe it's just me, but I always feel like they are waiting to post the "good" guests, but then the convention happens and that's it. :X For a convention this big, I expect to see something I can't see anywhere else, but it seems like the same American Industry guests are at every convention like some incestuous circle of dub.

It's still early, so I'm hoping they have a few more announcements to make. AnimeFest is still too far away, and they haven't announced any guests at all yet. They almost always have a few good Japanese industry guests, though. And I think about it.. Who am I most interested in seeing? Well, bands that won't come to the US don't count. Sometimes A-kon really surprises the hell out of me with announcements like PLC, Versailles and SeikimaII. I keep seeing other conventions snagging mangaka, though, and I wonder why A-kon doesn't bring any over.

They are probably big enough. Or at least, they are putting up a front that they are big enough, right? Expo gets them.. sometimes you see Kouhta Hirano showing up wacky places like generic US comic conventions. I know he spends all his spare time wacking off, but he had time to come to the US after Hellsing ended! And wasn't it just last year that AnimeFEST snagged Tanemura-sensei? Kamikaze 'friggin' kaitou Jeanne! (Among like a million other awesome series)

Sometimes I wish I could combine FEST and A-kon into one big megaconvention. I'd take the way FEST runs things with the awesome atmosphere it has with A-kon's size (though I think FEST is getting there in terms of size. Last time I was there, it was seriously huge!), and the location would be: ANYWHERE BUT DOWNTOWN OMG I HATE GOING DOWNTOWN AND THE PARKING SITUATION IS ASS.


Last year, I didn't go to AnimeFEST partially because I still wasn't really going to conventions, but also sort of because I got roped into going to Dragon*Con :P Labor Day weekend is a hard sell. I've still always wanted to go to WestFest, but most of the time I end up going to AnimeFEST and missing it. (Westfest is in West, Tx. It is a festival for czech culture. I expect polka, sausage, and kolaches. I don't think it'd dissappoint)

It's frustrating, because as Tx's largest convention, I wish I could see A-kon as our corner of the country's own answer/competition with Expo, but Expo is just in a league of it's own. I don't check out the east coast convention's guest lists anymore, because it used to make me depressed. Katsu and Ota used to always get these amazing guests! But I don't want to go all the way out there, yo! For the millions of conventions in Tx, there should be one megacon! And I don't mean the ACTUAL MegaCon. lawl. Anyway, I used to think Expo was way too crowded for me, but then I went to Dragon*Con. I don't know that I'll ever go to Dragon*Con again. There were way too many invasions of personal space from that creepy dude dressed up like a broadway CAT to the groper on the escalator. (Seriously CATS group.. not everyone wants to roleplay creepers with you guys. I just want to be left alone D: )

Honestly, I was way better off when I was completely 100% over conventions. Now that I'm considering going to them again, I find myself remembering all the negative reasons I stopped going. I mean, Ikkikon.. ugh!

With Matt not that interested in going anymore, though, I don't really make plans unless I know who I am bumming a ride with. Most of the time, when he used to go, he'd just sit in the room and mess around on his laptop and maybe come down once or twice. I think he finally realized that he'd just rather stay at home and play on his computer from the house :P And really, as long as he's happy doing that and doesn't care if I go places, I'll hitch rides when convenient and hit up a few conventions.


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