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Ushicon! and... WTF am I doing the rest of the year??

Ok, so first off.. Ushicon! Those of you who used to go have been asking me about the convention. I feel pretty bad about it, but I'll admit.. I had no idea there were still Ushicons! I thought after UshiGreg got burned out, that was it. Ikkikon took over the date, half the staff went to that convention, and no more Ushicon!

I was totally wrong about a lot of that, but that's not really what matters. Yeah, there's Ikkikon. But Ushicon is still going! And guess what? They are 18+ only. :O

You know what else? There were no Homestucks at this convention!!! :O

So Friday, we got in really late. The girls weren't able to get out as early as they'd hoped, and we didn't get down to A-town until pretty late. Er.. Round Rock. Whatever. Same thing, right? Anyway, we didn't totally follow the GPS because we knew it was on the I-35 frontage road. We turned in at what LOOKED like the con hotel, but it looked seriously empty and depressing. You could see into the hotel lobby from the front, and there was NO ONE THERE. That kind of freaked us out a little bit, and we wondered if we were in the right place. Normally, you'll see at least a few smokers creeping around out front in cat ears or whatever.

So, since the sign said "conference center," and the girls wouldn't get out of the car so I could get out of the back seat, we drove around out back. We saw one sad, singular cosplayer crossing from one building to another, so we figured we had the right place.

We checked in, and got up in the room. It was too late to register, so we decided to just head out and get some dinner. We met up with a freind and went to Origami's, and it was AWESOME. He told us that the convention was pretty slow all day, and no one recognized his costume and that made him sad. He also didn't have his makeup on, or his sword.. so he was just wandering around in grey slacks and a white shirt. I laughed at him :P

Oh! And our hotel room was really shitty. I honestly wasn't expecting much, so I wasn't dissappointed when the sinks worked in a hilariously weird way, or all the floor tiles were cracked and coming up, some strange juice was in the bottom of the fridge (WE HAD A FRIDGE!!!), and some of the lights didn't work. Totally didn't care. Con rate was 87/night, which was way better than any other conventions I'd been to without Tania in the past few years. The beds were really comfy (probably because they were ancient), and I slept really well. Clean sheets and a TV, that's all I need! (Even if the TV looked like it was a big black box from the early 90's. LOLOLOL) Greg tells me they are renovating, so if they are in the same location next year, our rooms should be way nicer! Hopefully for the same price! Anyway, the hotel stuff was no big deal at all, and I didn't really care about it. The girls seemed a little more put off, but splitting it 3 ways, we only each paid 66 bucks for hotel for the whole con, and that's A-OK in my book.

Sat, I got a late start because I decided I needed to iron ALL THE THINGS. It was important! I got dressed, and our freind arrived a little after I was completely ready. Then I had to iron ALL HIS THINGS, because I didn't pull his stuff out and look at it earlier -..-

The convention definitely had a few more people on Sat, and we wandered around and took in the sights. It was a very small dealer's room that combo'ed with the artist's alley, but it had a little bit of everything. I bought some stuff! But not a lot of stuff, so it was pretty great, right? I really enjoyed having more space to wander around and look at things. That's the benefit of a smaller convention, yo. It would have been cool to see a DVD vendor there. I never get to see DVDs at the bigger conventions because it's so crowded!

We only saw 1 other Bleach cosplayer. Bleach is still pretty popular with the cosplayers, so I think that should give you an idea of the numbers of this convention. We were like.. 25% of all the cosplayers. lol (Not really, but it felt like it) I couldn't begin to guess numbers on this convention, because of how things were spread out on two floors. For those of you that went to Ushi1.. I'd say it FELT smaller, but it was probably about the same, or had more attendees.

The upside to the smaller con was that there was a lot more socializing going on. That's also a downside, because it was really hard to gracefully get away from creepers. We bumped into some socially akward fans that we had a great time talking to, and we bumped into some socially akward fans that we couldn't seem to get away from, and followed us from place to place throughout the day. lol. I actually went to PANELS! WTF!

I saw a panel on traditional Japanese clothing. It was pretty interesting. There was a lot I already knew, but I did learn some new stuff! I learned a new obi bow, and I also learned that I was tying my hakama incorrectly. I could have sworn that I saw some official tutorial that taught me how I'm doing it now, but the way they taught it in the panel made a lot more sense. Tie the front first so when you have to pee, you can just untie the back flap. lol. I also learned what that plastic shoe-horn looking thing is for! (When you tie the front first, you can tuck that thing under the tie and it keeps the back from sliding down). Something else that surprised me- The panel was completely full! They only had about 15 chairs out, so I suppose that's not a huge feat, but when we got there, there wasn't any seating, and we all filed in along the back. People kept coming in after that. I wasn't really expecting these types of learning panels to fill at such a small convention.

We also hit up Iron Artist. It was a lot of fun, even if everyone was hating on Greg. :P Maybe that's why it was fun?!?! Anyway... I remember trying to get into an Iron Artist once a loooong time ago, but the panel filled up really quickly. Another bonus to small conventions, I suppose! I was able to get in, and sit at the front. Yay!

We went back up to the room to change around 5 on Sat, because our freind had to go back home to his doggy. We met up with Karen after that and went back to Origami's! Everyone was pretty tired after dinner, so we just went to bed again. I heard that Anime pub trivia was awesome, and we should have gone. I kind of forgot that conventions continue past 8PM. It would have been cool to go and see what was going on late-night, but we just didn't make it back out. After Jisha changed, I was really wishing I'd brought another costume, though. I should have brought my Persona4 costume like I was thinking. It would have fit in my bag, and I would have had something to wear in the evening. I had the shoes, contacts, tank top, and tights in the suitcase already. Would have just had to pack the skirt, wig, headband, nose, fan, sweater& collar. Oh well! Live and learn.

So all in all.. Ushicon was a REALLY tiny con. It had a pretty groovy atmosphere. I'm on the fence about next year, because Matt doesn't really do conventions anymore, and I won't go by myself. It would depend on who I was going with, and whether or not I would have party times in my room. Going solo isn't really any fun :X

I was asked if I would consider running some panels. It sounded like it could be fun, but I'm not ready to commit. I do have a few ideas, so I could probably come up with content for at least 3- 1hr panels, which I think is enough for a comp badge, MIRITE? lol I was thinking I could run a panel on our feathered wing tutorial. I didn't write the tutorial, but I've used it myself, so I can teach someone else how to make some! Plus, it's literally THE MOST POPULAR thing about our website.

I think I'd also like to run a panel on being a plus sized cosplayer. It would have some sensational title like "Confessions of an Obese Cosplayer." Or at least a many-sized cosplayer :P I want to help people of all sizes not be embarassed by how frumpy they look in photos! I think no matter what size you are, there's a costume out there you can rock, you know? It takes a little bit of knowledge and awareness of your own body, knowledge about sewing, and some math. And interest in fashion. I mean. There's math about fashion. I think knowing what skirt lengths look good on you is a great start to looking less frumpy.

There's always Cosplay 101 (blah!)... but I think specifically, I'd do a "How the Hell do I Make This??" panel. We'd go through about 4 complicated character designs and break them down into components. I think it cold be a good exercise in teaching newer costumers the though process that goes into tackling more complex costumes.

Anyway.. I can't remember if it was at Ushi, or if it's coming up at A-kon, but there's a Swap Meet panel in Tx. I wouldn't have had space in the girl's car to bring my stuff, but if it's at A-kon, I'm bringing a big ass box. I'd like to see more swap meet panels! I mean, I have a TON of crap I'd love to get rid of, either by trading or selling or giving away or whatever. And I'd much rather do it at a con where there's a greater chance of someone appreciating what I have. So if Ushi doesn't have a swap meet panel, I'd probably enjoy running something like that.

I just have no idea if other people would be interested in any of that stuff. Or if I'm even interested in putting the effort into doing all that stuff :P I was kind of running out of stuff to do at Ushi, so if I went again, running panels myself would eat up a bunch of time! LOL

So this year, I'm going to A-kon. Jisha is going to pick me up on the way through, and we're going to stay with Tania& Peter. They aren't downtown anymore, so it's a safe convention to try again. :P If it's filled with homestucks, though... God help me. I'ma rage. >:(

I'm also thinking about NDK this year! I'd love to go see the girls again, and doing a group costume at a convention they are not working sounds like a LOT of fun!

Matt is not considering either of these things, though :P He doesn't really want to go to conventions anymore. He's tired of them, and would only spent all his time up in the room on his laptop anyway. He'd much rather be at home on his desktop, so as long as he's ok with me going all these places without him, I'm cool with it.

All this travel is rough on Senpu, though. It seems like every time I come back from one of these things, he's doing worse than when I left him. I MIGHT be going to FLA to see my grandparents over there this Sept, and I'm afraid of leaving Senpu. We're also going to Ft. Worth next month to spend a few nights in a hotel at the stockyards for our anniversary. If Ray is back down in Austin, I'm going to have trouble with a cat sitter.

I'm starting to feel like I can't really go anywhere until Senpu dies. I know it sounds like an awful thing to say, but I really don't like leaving him. I feel like he gets the best care when I'm staying at home taking care of him. I don't really trust Matt or Alisha or Ray to get all his medication in him. From the sounds of things, he hides and bites and struggles and doesn't get all his medicine when I'm gone. Matt just forgets sometimes and doesn't think it's that big of a deal. Morning and night.. just a little bit of a dropper.. it's not much.

I'm thinking about contacting the techs at my Vet's office to see if any of them do cat sitting on the side. There are 2-3 there I'd trust to handle it, and I'd pay to make sure he was getting his medicine :/

Anyway.. I've been getting all excited about group costumes for NDK, if NDK does indeed happen. I was thinking Madoka Magica, since apparently Makoto& Em already have Madoka& Homura costumes. I'm pretty sure Ringo would do Mami. I mean.. it's a match made in heaven XD I, of course, was attracted to Kyoko's design. Red outfit? Yup. Annoying and violent personality? Yup. Loves to eat? Yup. See? It's perfect. -..- It would leave us without a Sayaka, but I'm not going to cry about that. She's seriously the character I liked the least in the whole series :P Someone else can pick that one up, yo!

(Secret confession. Mahou Tsukai Tai for NDK? >..> THINKING ABOUT IT. People can pick who they want, but I just don't want Nanaka. Yellow? Not me! Neither is that whole midriff thing, even if the flappy thing covers it. lawl)

So for A-kon, I'm probably going to bring the Yumichika costumes again. Jisha will want to wear them again, for certain, since he doesn't have a huge costume library yet. I'm totally OK with another chance to fix the feathers and get a photograph where everything is right. I think 4 costumes is a good number to shoot for. We'd normally change in the middle of the day on Sat anyway. Lunch time is a great time to change and pee!

So A-kon.. yeah... costumes. Besides Yumichika, it's tempting to bring Yukiko again, since I've only worn it once. We're talking about maybe FF 4 and 6, too, though. Not Tellah, though I could get at least 2 more conventions out of Tellah. We'd maybe do the 4 fiends :X Maybe. And I MIGHT work on that Kefka costume. It's all up in the air. Besides, I'm seriously lazy.

I kind of miss feeling all inspired to work on some complicated costume. That would definitely be Kefka. At the same time, though, I'm still not sure I'm all into conventions again. Already, it seems like I went to way too many this year, and it was technically just Ushicon. (Even though Ikki was at the very end of Dec). I'm already feeling kinda BLAH about A-kon because that convention is usually pretty BLAH itself. I miss AnimeFEST, but they're downtown this year! I don't want to go downtown! NDK would be a lot of fun, though.......

Oh well. Time to think about all of that later. I just started typing after finishing my workout, so I'm seriously sweaty and gross!


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