HIDE your face (kyonomiko) wrote,
HIDE your face

I am only posting to procrastinate on starting my workout.


It's slow going, but I'm getting photos uploaded to cosplay.com. I am having trouble deciding on how many of the really dumb photos to upload. I mean.. it's like 75% of the photos. srsly.

Here's shinigami Yumichika

And here's school outfit Yumichika

I have more photos, but I need to resize everything so that the Cosplay.com uploader will take them. It's taking a while and I am lazy. I also intend to create costume pages for the Ikkikon stuff, and get some photos uploaded there, but I keep forgetting. And my Luca costume is god awful.

Aside from that, I need to spend some extra time with the Yumichika wig and really hairspray the hell out of the hair line, so I'm not fighting with the part all day. And I need to make sure I get the right red feathers cut out and put with the rest of the costume stuff. Before I wear that one again, I'll need to spend a little time with everything from the neck up on that one. Or I could give up, change wigs, and be some other Bleach character. It's just so tempting!

But yeah. I should get on the bike. Time to bike! Yup! No more blogging! The time for spinning to techno is now! Indeed! Here I go! I'm totally going to go work out now! Yup!


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