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Scrambling to get stuff done! (Month 11, week 4, -68)

Pre-convention post, yo!

I am working dilligently to finish all these damned Yumichika outfits. Today, I need to finish the orange accessories for the shinigami costume, and I'll be done with that. Then for the school outfit, I need to sew some yellow bias tape stripes on this blue tie, and sew a little red patch of felt to a sleeve, and that will be done. I need to work on packing my suitcase, too, and deciding WTF I'm bringing. I think I'm going to bring 4 costumes, just because 4 will fit. I don't think I'll get around to wearing all of them, but I figure why not? I don't have a medium sized suitcase anymore. I had two black ones that Mom bought me for when I moved out. One of them was completely worn out by the time I decided to throw it away. The second one went back to Paris, France with Jeremy because he bought way too much stuff and couldn't fit it all in his suitcase. lol.

So.. if I had a medium-sized suitcase, I could probably fit all my stuff for this convention in it. I kind of want to go to Target and find one now, because I don't know how much room there will be in the car we are taking :X

So yeah.. in the suitcase: Yumichika (shinigami), Yumichika (school), Yukiko (Persona 4), and.. Tsunade. That one does not start with a Y. Sorry.

I haven't worn Tsunade in forever, but it's SUCH a comfy costume! I still have the sandals for it, and the top still fits. The obi is too long, and wraps around many times. I've thought about putting snaps or hook& eyes in it to keep it shut and let me cut it in half, but I don't think I'll have time. I'm too concerned with finishing Yumichika and maybe re-sewing the Tsunade hanten. I really love how comfy the old one is, but I'm constantly bothered by how off the fabric color is. I'd like to re-make it in the proper color. I will also make it a bit smaller :X The Tsunade pants don't fit anymore. I bought some black, stretch-denim capris in a 14 last fall. Those are too big now too, but not by much. I can cinch it with a belt, and it will be fine. The top is just kimono-style in the front, and there really aren't any sizing problems there. It just could use a little touch-up on the black stripes. That fabric was hand-dyed, and while the grey dye has kept just fine without fading, it's kind of funny how the black fabric paint faded so quickly.

I bought a patch off ebay for the back of the hanten. I did my best with my hand-sewed one, but the orange of that fabric has faded, too. (also hand dyed, because it was scraps from Bloodberry, or something like that)

So, I'd have to re-sew the hanten, but it wouldn't take all that long. The Yumichika cowl will take a little time because I need to draft the pattern. I won't bother going out to Jo Ann's for the Tsunade fabric until I at least finish the Yumichika stuff... oh! And I also need to shorten the cord on the Tsunade necklace. Once upon a time, I commissioned a resin one from another crafter. This was before I tried resin casting, and I wasn't ready to mess with it. I was happy with the product I received, but over the years the resin began to degrade and crack. When I was at D*C this year, I found a stone or glass one. I have no idea what it is made out of, so I'm going to guess glass. Anyway, it was licenced goods, looked great, and was half the price of the one I commissioned, so I decided to replace it. Cord is too damned long, though. I'll have to see if I can do something about that. The necklace is supposed to sit above my boobs. Not in them.

Anyway, I'm really just posting in order to procrastinate on actually working on anything.

Did you know?

My Tsunade wig is trashed. A very nasty person borrowed it without my permission, trashed it, and stuffed it back in the box. I have to try to boil some water and get the snags out now. So what happened? Ray was taking good care of it, but his trangendered roommate decided to borrow it without telling. This person is a messy slob, and doesn't take care of anything, whether it belongs to said person or not. So, when this individual was done with it, it was just shoved back into a box, a tangled mess! This person also regularly trashed Ray's car, borrowed it without refilling the gas, and left the rental house's kitchen a sticky mess. Sticky shit on floors, counters, etc. Awful..

So, I spent TWO HOURS last night with a wide-toothed comb and a bottle of wig conditioner, carefully detangling the mess. It felt kind of funky, but I kept going. I had a sizable furball by the end of it, but the wig didn't look too thinned out. It does, however, look awful. I styled it with a bunch of hairspray and it looks ok from the front now, but the pigtails are really ratty. The only thing I can think of is to try to use some hot water and relax the fibers and smooth it out. That may not even help, though. I feel rather put out by the whole situation, since I planned on wearing that costume tomorrow, but it's not like I have a shortage of things to wear.

I really would like to finish fixing that costume up and wear it again, but I'm running out of time. Yumichika first I guess. I need to get off the computer and get to work if I'm going to get it finished, though.


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