HIDE your face (kyonomiko) wrote,
HIDE your face

Stuff (Month 11, Week3 (-68)

I forgot to update about the actual concert event :P

We did get to go. We went to the Elysium in Austin to see Vince Clark DJ. It was a great experience. We hit up the salt lick, I got to see Karen, meet my brother's roommate's giagantic dog, and go to a club. Yay! I was going to put together an outfit, but I couldn't think of anything and a lot of my club clothes from way back when are either hilariously too large, or still too small. I figured I'd pull out that black& blue lolita outfit I made for A-kon approx. a million years ago, but surprise, surprise! It was too big in some spots.

Basically, I need to move some hook& eyes over on the arm bands to keep them on, fix some seams on the skirts, and sew a new zipper into the back of the bodice. It really isn't a lot of work, but I'm feeling really lazy when it comes to sewing. I bought the new zipper and had everything set, but instead spent time digging through my closet for something else. The old zipper was missing teeth. I don't even know how that happens. I blame Nugget. She destroyed my Harry Potter hoodie by systematically pulling out all the plastic teeth with her own sharp, nasty kitty teeth.

I will fix it eventually. I'm pretty sure the bodice is good, which puts me around the size I was when I wore Silky, if not just a little larger.

Instead, though, I wore the wacky outfit I made to go see that S.K.I.N. concert event thing at Expo. I took the tux vest thing I made for the black& blue lolita and put it over a stretchy white longsleeve with pinstripes that I'd painted a bleeding heart onto. I paired that with some red ribbed tights, some mid-calf black strappy boots, and that mess of a deconstructed skirt. The skirt is waaaay too big now, so I just wadded it all up under the tux vest. It was passable!

I actually got a lot of compliments at the club for it, and it seemed like everyone was in love with my tiny little hat. Man! I should make tiny craft foam tophats and roll around in money. Seems like everyone wants one! I wasn't even wearing the tall black one. I think that one is way cooler than the white one!

Anyway, the highlight of the night was some famous club regular that had his own corner decorated in some theme came up and got excited about my outfit& told me to come to some steampunk ball. lol. I wasn't really going for steampunk, but I guess the tiny hat and bold stripes make it steampunk in a Tim Burton kind of way?

As for Clark's set. I really hate to say this, but. It wasn't the best. I think he is an amazing musician, and his transitions were all really good, but I think he let some of the beats sit too long before developing them and changing it into something different. The mixes he did of some of his previous work was AWESOME, and I would have loved to have heard just a few more vocal tracks mixed in with everything else. That being said, we stayed his entire set, had a lot of fun and only two drinks, and went home :P I felt bad hanging out in a club and yawning when it hit midnight. I don't think I could have stayed longer than 1. I'm getting old!


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