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Super grumpy today

I don't like my brother's girlfreind. I have a million reasons why, but yesterday she was really pushing it. The brother and I had been planning to go up and see Vince Clarke DJ for like the last 2 months. He NEVER DJs. He's too busy making like.. ALL THE MUSIC for Erasure. For those who aren't familiar, he was also a founding member of Depeche Mode, put together Yazoo with Alison Moyet, and recently did a collaboration album with Martin Gore (Depeche Mode). He doesn't just run around and DJ. For some unknown reason, he's decided to pick Texas to try this out, though! He's doing shows for the next three days. Lizard Lounge in Dallas, someplace in Houston, then Elysium in Austin.

The brother was the one who told me about it. I got all excited. He said we should go. I was like "hell yeah!" The brother told me he got time off for it. Yay! The brother is now in fights with his girlfreind, because apparently this weekend is date weekend. The girlfreind's 2yr old child is with the child's father for the weekend, and she is free to party. She is upset that no one told her about this. I can understand that. I might be upset too if I was being excluded from something. However! I am not excluding her. The brother got his dates mixed up and made an honest mistake. He thought this wasn't the date weekend. I said she could come along if she wanted to drive up.

Apparently, she's working during the day both today and tomorrow! WTF! Not my fault! I did not set up the work schedule!

So, after The Brother txted her about the date mix up, and appologized, she went totally ballistic and spent the rest of the day fighting with him and sending him nasty txts while he was at work. He called me and said he didn't know what to do, and couldn't think of a compromise.

Sorry, bro. There's no compromise here. You have to pick one thing or the other. And she's already pissed, so bro, if you go down to A-town for "date night," she's just going to yell and fight more when you get down there.

Sadly, if he doesn't go, and decides to keep with the plans that we made MONTHS ago, she is just going to txt and yell at him all night while we're doing stuff. Either way, she doesn't want him having any fun, and she thinks we're purposefully excluding her from shit.

I wish!

She keeps bringing up the State Fair. That's the one thing The Brother and I decided to do every year without girlfreinds or husbands. The Matt doesn't even go to the fair with us! And FFS, that happened how many months ago??? And she's still bringing it up??

He really needs to dump her immature, vindictive ass. Staying with her isn't going to make things any better. She just loves to whine and play the victim and fight with him. They are ALWAYS fighting. I tried to tell him that if they've been together as long as they have (over a year now), and they are still fighting all the time, to just give it up. You don't want to be with someone you can't get along with.

I think he's afraid to be alone, though. He always stays with women too long because of that. He puts up with so much crap, from all of them! He needs to put his foot down and start kicking bitches out the door.

Because you know.. I can't tell him how to live his life, but now this chick is getting in the way of mine. I was fine just feeling sorry for The Brother before, and trying to give sage advice to "GTFO, it's a trap!." But now she's actively villifying me in all this. Shit. It's a simple mistake. He screwed up and got his dates mixed up. He owned up to it and appologized. She needs to grow the hell up and let it go. goddamn >:O If I was in that situation, and Matt made plans and didn't invite me.. I'd probably be sad about it for a while, but I'd get over it. I certainly wouldn't spend all day sending nasty bitchy txts and calling and screaming at him for hrs. Sheesh.

So yeah.. looks like I might miss this once-in-a-lifetime event. Because you know what? I'm sure as hell not driving up there by myself. I don't exactly want to be by myself in Deep Ellum at 1AM when his set ends!

I'm feeling super grumpy now, because I really think he's just going to cave and go down to Austin, and my plans will be borked. I suppose it wouldn't totally be a disaster if I had to stay home, since no one can seem to medicate the cat but me. :/ ugh.


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