HIDE your face (kyonomiko) wrote,
HIDE your face

It goes in cycles! (Month 11,Week 1: -65 BTW)

I woke up with Fuyu Tokyo stuck in my head this morning. I have no idea why. It's such a cheesy song, and the unicyclists in the music video... LOL

It could be because I'm going all nostalgic oldschool and pulling out the 90's anime themes and all the first Jrock I ever bought/ got into. Everything from my last two years of highschool and first two years of college is fair game!

OR (most likely) it's because I bought that new Versailles album and listened to a bunch of Versailles.. then went back and listened to a little bit of Lareine last week. The speed metal component of the latest Versailles stuff makes for great workout music! I mean.. I really get peddling when my DragonForce stuff comes on, so why not this?? I need to update my workout playlist. I love my Lady Gaga, but I need lots of stuff for the list when I listen to it for 45 min every day, 6 days a week -..-

I've been tossing all sorts of stuff into the mix lately, but I think I need more uptempo, catchy dance music. Why do I feel like I have to rely on the Kids Bop! CD commercials to know what's hot these days? UGH! OLD! That's mostly why I bought the Versailles album, and Kaya's Queen. Listening to Kaya's stuff mostly makes me just miss Schwarzstein, though. He has a great voice, but the solo melodies just aren't as great as the stuff Hora was coming up with. Still, there's a lot of nice, uptempo stuff on that album that will work for the workout playlist.

I also heavily abuse Blumchen and the Granado Espada soundtrack while biking. I maintain that Blumchen's wacky techno cover of Queen's "Bycicle Race" is one of the best workout songs ever.

I really need to get like.. maybe 2-3 more albums of stuff on there to really mix it up, though. Just adding a dozen songs to like 300 doesn't change up the variety that much when you've been listening to it every day for almost a year. That's right. It's been a full 10 months. I have two months left to go for the initial personal challenge.

And my mom still hasn't given me even the smallest "good job, you look great!" the times I've seen her in person -..- I've been trying so hard, yo! I KNOW the difference is visible now. I'm down 3 pant sizes! (How do you count that anyway? Pants go 12/14/16/18. There aren't odd numbers unless it's misses, so do you count the odd numbers too?? I'd get to say I dropped a lot more sizes that way... :X ) Shit's slow going, and I feel like giving up a lot now. I still have a lot to lose, though, so I should keep going. I'm nearly down to where I was when I first started cosplaying. Not quite, but getting there. I'll know I'm there when my Mana costume fits. That ostrich-print vinyl top is a M! WTF. I kept that one. Had to toss the shoes, though, since they were falling apart with age. Maybe I should wear that costume again some day! There's like.. DECADES between the single release and today, though, so no one will recognize it. lol. Sadly, my hair is shoooort now, so it'd have to be with a wig :P I wonder if I still have all the accessories?

I've been thinking more and more about a dream costume lately. I still don't feel like sewing, but I'm almost to the point where I want to seriously start hunting fabric for Gekka no Yasokyukou Yu~ki. Gotta love drawn-on fale moustaches. I feel like I should wear Le Ceil Yu~ki again since I've only worn it once. It's been in the closet ever since, and I've refused to throw it away. THAT one needs to get taken in, though. I don't think it'll be tough, but I will have to trim the hem of the top a little bit. I've noticed that when you aren't as wide, all that fabric hangs downwards. Even tailoring the seams in won't fix it sometimes, and you have to make it a little shorter. It's all leather, though, so at least I don't have to worry about hemming it!

Man, I was so happy with how that costume came out, back in the day! The makeup takes like 2-3 hrs, but I was kinda proud of it. That's the kind of thing you want a group for, though. Groups are great for making your awesome-yet-unrecognizable costume suddenly epic. I miss big groups :X I SHOULD GO TO NDK THIS YEAR >..>

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