HIDE your face (kyonomiko) wrote,
HIDE your face

Come on, Buck-Tick!

I was going to place an order with CDJapan this week. I missed last Sept.'s Buck-Tick release. When I looked around, there were two other full albums I missed out on (Kaya's Queen, and the Versailles self titled album). In addition to that, I wanted to pick up Yui's Rolling Star single, because I really loved that Bleach OP song.

My total was like 100+ USD before shipping.

For shits& giggles, I decided to check itunes.

ALL OF IT WAS UP THERE.. except the Buck-Tick CD.

Where I would be paying 30-35 bucks per CD, pre-shipping, I was able to pick up each full album off itunes for like.. 10 bucks a pop. WTF. I just paid half of what I would have on CD JApan, easily!

That just leaves the Buck-Tick album. I would prefer a solid copy of that anyway, but The Husband seems totally against CDJapan now. Hey! These guys have served us well for over a decade!

Still, I was kind of shocked. I got on the itunes bandwagon way later than everyone else, and there wasn't ANY Jrock or Jpop on itunes. When X popped up along with other Yoshiki stuff, I wasn't that surprised. Likewise, I wasn't surprised with L'arc showed up on there because they'd been trying to break into the US market since like.. before that Final Fantasy movie.

But Kaya? WTFlol

Finding all this stuff up there just kind of blows my mind. I don't think these music markets will ever truly integrate, but I'm already surprised by what I'm able to get now. And I can legitimately pay for it! Things have come so far from swapping real audio files in the late 90's. lol

Now that Buck-Tick has formed their own independant label, though, they need to get with the times and get on itunes too! I know they know about us over here. Plenty of US fans fly over to see shows, and the fan club has come to accomodate non-Japanese fans as well!

The temporary solution? I bought an itunes card from Jlist that I can use in the Japanese itunes store. I'll get the CD that way I guess. T..T I wish Matt would just reset our CDJapan account password so I can get at our bonus points, though! (We both forgot it since we hadn't ordered in like a year or two)


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