HIDE your face (kyonomiko) wrote,
HIDE your face

The Year of the Sailor Fuku

Why is that all that's on my mind lately? >..< Of course, when I look at older series I love, it's all fuku! That's way too much leg, yo!

Actually, let's stop and think about 90's anime for a bit.

Yeah.. fuku or tons of armor. -..- What's left? Wait, we already did Saber J XD lololol

Why do I still want to make stuff when I totally don't want to make stuff, and get frustrated with the way it turns out? It makes no sense. Thinking about making something makes me kind of grumpy, but I've bene entertaining the idea of making a new costume in case I go to a con this summer. I should probably just finish that Tales of Phantasia costume that's been sitting in the guest bedroom, half finished, for years -..- The pants are going to have to be taken in for certain :/


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