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HIDE your face

Yay, LJ is back up!

But for how long?? -..-

Anyway, I no longer have the squirts. That was the weirdest illness I've ever had. I'm glad it's gone!

I am trying to do something for this dumb convention in Austin. I've decided to do a new Bleach costume, because I only had to order a wig. Isn't Bleach great?? I can just change wigs and be like.. most of the female shinigami! Because I am so cutting edge, I'm doing Kirio Hikifune, the first captain of squad 12. She's extremely corpulent. Then she cooks. The effort of cooking makes her drop all her weight. I figure.. you have a wide range of body types applicable for this character! It's great! Plus, you really don't have to worry about sizing the kimono. I mean.. kimono and hakama are pretty much one-size-fits-all for the most part. And if it's a little baggy, it's appropriate for post-cookout Hikifune anyway. If I have time, I would like to make a gigantic spoon to go with this costume! (I will not have time)

I'm also going to try to take in Cornelia, but it looks seriously awful on me. While some parts of it are still tight, others are baggy in weird places. And you know, if you lose a lot of weight clothes arn't just baggier around you, but they droop and hang down further. So, this costume now gives me the world's longest torso and stubbiest legs. If I could remake it, I'd do sooo much stuff differently. HOWEVER! I am not going to remake it! I am only going to wear this baggy mess for a few hours so I can take pics with Tania's psycho Euphemia, and then I will retire it!

Incidentally, some of the new contacts I got from that Pinky Paradise site will work perfectly. The purple ones will be usable for both Hikifune and Cornelia. They look like this:

I'm also working on a Final Fantasy 4: The After Years costume. It's Luca the dwarven princess. Except now she's a ganguro engineer or something. Cid is her hero. You can find her character art here... However, that's not really what I'm doing. I'm feeling really lazy about costumes in general right now, so I decided to just buy a pink velour track suit, a white turtleneck, and some other random crap and toss it all together. Honestly? I've been talking about doing this costume for years, but it ALL hinged on finding that pink poker visor. I did a test run of my goofy makeup. Unfortunately, the green lenses I bought just don't show up on me. I would have picked up some yellow ones if they'd had them in my prescription :(

So notes for my makeup: Need to find face bling. I needed to get more eyelash glue, and some lower eyelashes. I picked those up. I need to find my Ben Nye Neutral set. I shall check the suitcase. I set the concealer around the eyes with white eyeshadow, but it really didn't cut it. It moved around and got on the black eyeliner. Also, my lower lid eyeliner is too heavy, and I forgot the white streak down my nose. Other than that, though, it's pretty hilarious.

I don't know why, but scrapbook keeps turning my tall pics sideways. This is annoying. So, we'll skip the photos of the tracksuit. Here's the contacts. They don't show up without flash. :/


Finally, I'm working on a Persona4 costume. Kind of. I made a skirt. If I can make a sailor collar and get the wig in before the con, I'll have a Persona4 costume. I'm not really rushing on this. I thought I did an amazing job on the skirt until I tried it on. I was having all sorts of problems. I ended up taking it in quite a bit, but it still wasn't feeling right. Guess who used a straight waistband! FAIL! If I'd cut a curved waistband, it would have fixed all my problems. I only ordered enough fabric to finish the skirt and have a small scrap in case I decide to make the winter jacket later, so I don't have any fabric for a second waistband. I put some random darts around it and called it finished. The sweater will cover the wasitband anyway. :/

You can't tell from sideways shot, but I did a pretty great job with pleating the skirt so the houndstooth designs matched up in most places, so you can't even see the pleats in some areas until I move. It's pretty awesome.


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