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Sick (Month 10 start! -63)

I have some sort of stomach virus, and it's been awful :( I'm working on getting over it, and freaking out about this convention coming up.

I seriously don't feel like making anything, or even dressing up. You'd think with all this weight loss, I'd be more excited about it.. but blah. I'm floating between a L- XL in clothing right now. Before, I was wearing an XL, and probably floating up towards extra plus size stuff like 1X or whatever. I was jamming myself into size 18 jeans, but I was probably actually larger than that. Now I'm wearing size 12 jeans, but it's so hard to see much of a difference!

My dragon*con photos were such a huge dissappointment. There was like.. no difference there that I could see. I thought everything was going to turn out so much better than it did.

So.. I promised a few costumes for this con, and I'll wear them. I'm not expecting to think I look awesome, though. In fact, for my new one.. I'm going totally ghetto and buying like 98% of the items for it XD I do get to do some serious ganguro makeup for it, though. That's the only thing I can think of to make it not look totally racist :P I bought a dark foundation, some bronzer, and a white concealer stick. I'll have to do a makeup test one of these days when no one is in the house.

But yeah, I just haven't had that cosplay spark lately. I got some fabric in to make a pleated skirt for another costume. It's one of those things where.. you make the skirt, and then you can kind of pick whatever character you want to do by picking the top, since they're all wearing the same schoolgirl outfit. I'm picking the one with the least ammount of work and cheapest wig :P I guess that means I'll end up hating the costume when I'm done with it. I dunno. I'm usually more proud of the ones I put a lot of work into. I just haven't felt like putting in the work.

I got a notice from our webhost saying our domain was up for renewal again in Feb. I think I usually renew for like 2 years at once. Every time I get one, though, I always think, "Ughh.. what's the point."

Well, I managed to eat an english muffin. That's better than most of yesterday. It was good. I may have another and hope for the best with my stomach today. I dunno. Better not push it. So bloated... :(


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