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03 December 2012 @ 08:07 am
Ugghhh (Month9, week 3)  
Family dinner is over. I think I have all sorts of mental complexes now. Moms 2&3 helped out a TON with the dishes, so I don't have that much more to clean up. I just have to finish running sheets and place setting stuff through the laundry and maybe put a few things back in order.

I am sooo tired and worn out, and I didn't even do much cooking or cleaning. I managed to get everyone else to do the tough stuff!

It was nice seeing everyone again, but I just don't think I'm really all that close to my family except my middle brother. It's probably good we don't get together more than every 5 years or so, or it would just be a lot of akward silence and even more stories about when I was a toddler.