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25 November 2012 @ 03:38 pm
I really need to get my eyes checked!  
Because seriously? AWESOME CONTACTS. I can't believe they are so cheap as well as prescription. Last time I went to the optomitrist, I didn't bother getting the extra contact lens measurements taken because I was getting glasses this year. I figured I'd just do contacts next year and if my prescription hasn't changed, use my insureance $$ to get a new pair of yellow costume lenses. The old ones weren't meant to last this long. I do take really good care of them, but I think it's time to replace them.

But seriously? If my base curve is the same as many of these on here, I can plug my prescription in and get tons of awesome colored lenses! I thought they'd be like 150-200 bucks a pair. I can tons of lenses in many different colors for what I thought I'd have to spend on one pair! Plus, I could get those creepy circle lenses. lawl. Honestly, I think I'd have better luck with colored lenses through a site like this.

The lenses offered at our local optometrist's seem to be geared more towards people with lighter colored eyes, and every time I've tried out trial lenses, the colors dont' show up against my dark eyes. Pretty much all the models on this site have darker eyes! How exciting!

Also.. Senpu goes in to the vet again tomorrow :/ Trying not to stress about it too much... it seems like maybe he's doing better. If he's not, though, it'd be pretty devestating. He's been acting so much more social& happy lately. Unfortunately, ever since he had to stay at the vet overnight that one day, Nugget's been bullying the hell out of him. He's not really supposed to be running around too much when he can't breathe all that well, and Nugget keeps him cornered in the bedroom.


I was going to go pick up a refill for the happy hormone diffuser in the bedroom to see if that would help calm Nugget down, but I forgot. I was RIGHT THERE, too!

I went down to this resale shop to try and sell some of my fat clothes. It's called Plato's closet, and they pay about 30-40% cash of the original retail price of brand clothes. They have to be for teens and 20's, and they have to be trendy.

I brought them a duffel bag! They bought.. 5 items T..T I AM TOO, TRENDY! T..T Well, maybe not. Maybe I dress too old for them, too. I dont' know. At any rate, I picked up a cute skirt that will layer well, and I also bought a really pretty dress. It's about one size too small, but I am hoping that it'll fit in a month or two. I don't usually buy clothes that don't fit perfectly when I first buy them, but I fell in love with this dress! And being a resale shop, I don't exactly have my pick of sizes :P I also don't do dresses.. but I'm doing them a little more now. I am really picky, though, and the length has to be just right, or it's not flattering at all.

But still! I had stuff from like.. Old Navy! They have a ton of Old Navy there! What was wrong with mah Old Navy jeans?? I was really tempted to ask them which 5 things they bought, because I wanted to see what they picked out from that huge bag of crap.. but I didn't. Then it bothered me all the way home, because I was super curious.

I shall never know!

Oh well. That place was RIGHT NEXT TO PETSMART! I can't believe I forgot to go next door.

I came home and had a yogurt, but I kind of wish I had something a little more interesting to do today because I got dressed up and look all cute. Unfortunately, I'm apparently not trendy. lololol
Celine: pic#109490852celine on November 27th, 2012 03:08 am (UTC)
How is Senpu??

I like Plato's closet, they are usually slightly nicer and less stained than Goodwill. However Goodwill's prices can't be beat.

And I totally want to try a pair of contacts form that place. $20 for a prescription pair?? Insane!! The red contacts I used to have that were awesome were like $200 for the pair, I figured those prices were normal. The measurements on the site don't quite match what I have thought, so hmm.
HIDE your facekyonomiko on November 27th, 2012 05:52 pm (UTC)
I think the eyeball size on these is all the same, and the only thing you can change is the prescription. I haven't checked yet to see if my eyeballs are the same size as the lenses they offer. They have a TON of stuff, though, including like.. every silly Naruto contact on the planet.

Plato's closet's stuff is mostly all too small for me, which is probably why they didn't want my stuff. QQ!


Senpu is doing ok. Nugget has become a huge bully and it's a problem. Senpu had another checkup yesterday, and his Xray wasn't much different from last week. It is a tiny bit better. The vet said as long as he is acting like himself, and doesn't seem to be suffering or hiding too much, we can keep him here at home. I don't need to bring him in until after the Christmas holidays, and then we'll check the Xrays again.

He still has to get a special prescription diuretic x2 a day. I am trying to train everyone around me on how to medicate the cat, otherwise I can't go anywhere. Since it's just an eyedropper, I'm hoping that Alisha or Ray or Matt or SOMEONE will be able to take care of him over Ikkicon. Senpu has so many special needs now. He has to get special water.. mixed with pedialyte! This keeps his electrolytes from dropping while he's on the diuretic. His food gets a supplement and that's all special.. and Nugget just keeps getting fatter. :/