HIDE your face (kyonomiko) wrote,
HIDE your face

Halloween pics for Tania

I didn't actually dress up for Halloween. I did cobble together some outfits for parties the weekend before and after, though! These costumes were put together from things I bummed off of Tania when I went through her closet @ D*C. It worked out great!

Here's my ghetto vampire costume. Funfact! The lavendar shading is the "Ursula" shade from the Disney Villains eyeshadow collection. lawl

So the heels are just cute ankle boots I had, coupled with some black slacks, my Natalia shirt, and a Von Lancelot top thingy I got from Tania. I made a child cry when I popped into HEB on the way to the party! (Always a goal with those contact lenses. I don't even have to do anything. Just stare.)


And then the weekend after, I wore some of my renfaire gear with some boots and and a skirt& corset courtesy again, from Tania. Sadly, my boobs have deflated to the point where they did not really fill that corset. I was able to shove my whole arm down that thing, and it was completely laced.. so I think that means it's too big. :P Eyeshadow here is Sugar Pill, with the exception of the white, which is that glittery white shade from Urban Decay that I wear all the damned time.


I'm really just posting and doing anything I can think of right now to take my mind off things with Senpu. His breathing got worse today, and I am not very optimistic about the vet visit tomorrow. I'm doing the best I can from home with these prescriptions, and if I can't control this problems from here, I'm afraid there's not really anything else that can be done for him.


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