HIDE your face (kyonomiko) wrote,
HIDE your face

Another kitty update

He's back home and resting now. He has a boatload of medications I have to keep him on for the following week. He goes back in on Mon for follow up tests, and we need all that info before we can proceed.

So here's where we're at now.

He's been on hardcore diuretics since yesterday to get the fluid out of his chest. His blood oxygen is up to like 85% from 70, which I am told is amazingly awesome progress. So, he's having an easier time breathing.

I am to continue the diuretics until Mon, when they will try to Xray again and see if we can figure out if his heart is enlarged, or if there's a tumor or what.

He's also got a bronchodialator to help him breathe, and some antibiotics for good measure. The vet said they weren't able to remove the fluids from his chest with a tap, so they can't be certain there wasn't a bacteria party in there.. that's why we're doing the antibiotics.

Right now, he's happy to be home and appropriately grumpy. We're thinking it's probably congestive heart failure, which gives him maybe 6 good months, tops, on the diuretics. That's assuming it doesn't cause the kidneys to go south faster. I'm trying to be very realistic about what is going on and what we can expect. I'm not going to keep stringing him along if he's not doing well. As long as he's happy and the expenses are reasonable, we'll keep him going as long as we can. Once he starts getting uncomfortable, though, we'll let him go. It really all depends on the results of the X-ray and whether or not the vet thinks his chest cavity is going to fill back up again like that.

I actually went to visit him at the vet earlier this afternoon. They weren't sure if he would be discharged today or not, and they said he wasn't eating. They were all like "we tried the k/d food and everything!" I was just like "lol, he hates that crap." I brought down some of the Wellness chicken/herring he really likes, and plopped that down in front of him. His nose started going crazy, but he wouldn't eat it! So I sat there and put a little in the spoon and shoved the spoon in front of him. The furry tard ate everything off the spoon, but wouldn't touch the bowl.

The tech saw, and she wanted to feed him, and he turned his nose up at her :X lol! She's the awesome tech, too! Oh well. He didn't eat anymore after I left, so I guess that's why they just let me take him home. I can make him eat!


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