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Senpu update

I'm watching him for now, but I might have to call the vet soon. He's developed something new that has me stumped. Everytime he's happy enough to purr really hard, he starts dry heaving. I don't think it's a furball. Come to think of it, he hasn't vomited in MONTHS, and he used to be a very pukey cat. For a while, he was barfing due to stomach acid, I think. The vet gave me dosage instructions for an antacid for him, but it seemed to clear up, so we didn't end up giving it to him. Lately, though, he seems to have a little trouble breathing when his little kitty motor gets going. I've only noticed it a few times, but I'm getting kind of worried.

I do think the wet food has helped lubricate his cat innards, and that may be a reason why he doesn't flat out barf as much. It could also be that he's not really cleaning himself as much anymore. I see him licking his face, paws, and behind quite a bit, but I haven't caught him cleaning anything inbetween in a while. He may have to get a lion cut! :X

I feel so bad when he's hanging out and happy, though. He almost always starts coughing and heaving when he purrs really loudly. Of course, the last thing you want to do is look on the internet for stuff like this. :/ The case that sounded most like him ended up being terminal, metasticised lung cancer. Gah! That's not the kind of thing you want to read. Someone else's diagnosis doesn't do me any good anyway.

I went down to the vet's to get a refill on his epikitin, and the tech said it sounded like a fur ball. She was super busy, though... (and not the vet,) so I may call down there next time it looks like he's having trouble. He hung out on my desk purring for a few hours today and didn't seem to be having problems, so that's good. My poor kitty!

I dug out some of his furball medication and gave him a little bit of that just in case. Going to have to keep an eye on him, though...


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