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Month 7 (Week 26 -50) Yay, October!

I've been struggling more lately with keeping my food in check. The scale has been dancing around for the past 3 weeks and won't stay in any one place. Last Mon, it was way down! Today, it's up again.

I'm starting to get bummed out and discouraged.

I'm not doing everything 100% anymore. It's a vicious cycle! I had a lot of stuff come up, like the pharm conference, Matt's mom visiting, etc, that gave me an excuse to miss exercise and eat out a little more. These things slowed down the weight loss. The slow weight loss made me feel bummed, and more likely to take oppportunities to eat out, etcetc.

I need to really just spend a week re-focusing, but I won't have a full, awesome week until after Thurs. Why?

Annual trip to the fare with my brother XD


It's something I'd planned for, and decided to do months ago. One day with 0 tracking, eating whatever, and enjoying it. I actually managed to keep myself from overeating on a few days because I knew I had fair day coming up. It didn't stop me every day, though, and I still went out to eat twice when Matt's mom was here for a few days, and I didn't always make the best snack choices at home.

Thurs, Ray is coming up after work. We'll leave Weds, come back weds, and he'll go home thurs after lunch. With that schedule, I don't see a problem with getting all my exercise in. I guess it depends on what time Ray wants to leave on Weds, but I bet I can sneak 30 min in on the bike and a shower before we go. Then Thurs, he'll probably work out with me, and I'll punish him with a P90x vid.

But after the food nonsense on those days, I have 0 planned cheat days for the rest of the year. Maybe a family dinner if I can get everyone to agree on a day to come visit, but that shit's not likely at all. All I wanted to do was get Ray and Dad to agree on a day so I could start calling the moms and the other brother. Ray can't agree on a damned thing! lol I'll talk to him about it more on Weds, probably.

Anyway, I've slowly been buying a few clothing items here and there. I said I wouldn't, but I get too excited about shopping now that I can visit normal stores. I went to some place called Maurice's and bought some size L stretch jeggings and some really cute mid-calf boots. The boots, sadly, are a struggle to zip the last 1/2 inch. I really want to get back on track so that I can fit my leggings under them without a problem!

Oh.. also, I am thinking about running a 5k in Nov. I don't run, and I'm pretty sure I don't even like running, but I'm thinking about it. It's at the zoo, so the profits benefit the zoo. I like that. I also like that it'll be in Nov and more than likely not hot! Maybe if Matt is off, I can convince him to come cheer me on. He won't have to run, but he can hold a sign that says "AWESOME!" or something dumb. It seems like most people can run a 5k in under 40 min, so I'll tell him that it'll take less than an hour and maybe he'll come show some support :P

I'm also trying to convince a few other people to come do it, too. I am not sure I'll be able to get anyone to run it with me. Everyone seems kind of intimidated by even the term "5k"

Still, it seems like it would be fun to try something new, just to say I've done it. You know, like NaNoWriMo. But sweatier... probably. There was only minimal sweat in my NaNo novel :P Zoi's probably had way more sweat that mine! And probably more sweat than a 5K. I don't know. I think I should go for it. New experiences are good for you, especially when they are a little scary but still relatively safe. Maybe I'll decide I love running and I start running in the fall. Who knows? I'll probably register for the 5k today that way I can't weasel out of it later. I'd really like to get back to losing, and working towards a 5k may help keep me focused.


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